Sunday, November 4, 2012

Get hooked with Crumble Bars by Twee

I always have this urge of trying new things when it comes to food. Either it was a new place to eat, a new type of cuisines or a new talked about food in town. My curiosity was tickled the moment I heard about this online bakery, Twee, selling a homemade crumble bars. It was not as common as red velvet, rainbow cake or macaroons, hence I was intrigued.

Several weeks ago, I made an online order via text message. I was informed the crumble bars comes in variant of flavors from apple, cranberry almond, peanut butter chocolate, banana chocolate and blueberry. A portion of crumble bars (100k exclude delivery charge) is enough to meet the minimum requirement for delivery, but I can't decide between their best seller apple crumble or blueberry, so I decided to go with both. Later on, I got to learn that all the crumble bars were freshly made by order. They baked it in the morning and deliver by courier in the same day to ensure the freshness. They only use fresh fruits for the fruit flavors and guaranteed no preservative or food coloring were involved in the process of baking.

I was pleased when it was delivered to my house. The packaging was so cute in vintage natural brown box. A portion of crumble bars is 4pcs, as I ordered two portions, inside the box was 4pcs of apple and 4pcs of blueberry crumble bars. I drooled when I looked at the crunchy crumbs on the top and generous apple and blueberry. I tried the apple first, one bite and I was hooked. It was delicious! I like it how the crumbs were so crunchy and blend perfectly with the generous apples.  

I put the rest inside the fridge and couple hours later, I tried to have it while it chilled, blueberry this time. Turns out, it was equally good to have them chilled or on room temperature, depends on your liking. The blueberry was sour sweet and again perfectly paired with the crunchy crumbs. I like both flavors, but if I must choose, apple will be my first.

What I love the most is how they tasted not too sweet like most of desserts in the market, makes you wanting more. Sometimes, all people need in life is a simple good dessert. Have you order your Twee?

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