Saturday, November 24, 2012

[CLOSED] Fat Bubble PIK

I just came back from an impromptu short trip to Hong Kong. Despite I've been having so much fun there enjoying the cool weather and no traffic hassle, now it's reality check time. Clicking Ivy's Life and surprised to see the number of posts I've had lately. Only 5 posts in October, and so far also only 5 posts in this month. Boy, I have not been a good student in doing my homework. 


A day before my trip, I went to the soft opening of another new bubble tea at Pantai Indah Kapuk, a local bubble tea with all ingredients imported from Taiwan. I used to be excited to see more and more bubble tea shops open in Jakarta, but lately it was way too much and most of them were not even good, flavor wise. So honestly saying, I was not really eager in trying one. But as one of the owners of Fat Bubble is my friend's sister, I went as a form of support.

Congratulations flowers were lining up in front of the shop. The colorful cheerful signage instantly catch my attention. I love it when a restaurant owner took effort not only on the menu, but on the design concept as well... And Fat Bubble truly does that. They seem to think about everything... the concept was cheerful, garden theme complete with artificial green grasses for the exterior while inside was colorful and bright with the soft pastel couches.

The place was packed with customers, so packed that I was having hard time to shoot some pictures. Some of the pictures above with lesser crowds were taken yesterday morning on my second visit. On the day, they were having promotion on buy 1 get 1. I came with two friends, and the 3 of us chose Heineken green tea (28k), Kumquat tea (20k), Mango yakult tea (23) and Peach tea (20k). 

Look at those cute cup designs! =) 

And I'm writing this in the most honest way...

The drinks were good! Heineken green tea as their signature drink satisfied my curiosity big time. The green tea flavor was strong and fresh, but I can taste vividly the Heineken. It was a very unique refreshing drink. I didn't like the peach one, as it was too sweet for my taste even with the lesser sugar. My favorite goes to both the Mango yakult and Kumquat tea. Mango yakult for the pinch of sour blend with yakult and finally I found a decent taste on how a kumquat tea should be, sour and refreshing. I always love sour drinks, but so far only Cha Time's sour plum drink meet my expectations. I'm happy the kumquat tea here was sour enough for my liking.

Honestly speaking, I didn't really have any expectations before. But after an hour spent on sipping four different glasses of teas accompanied with good chats, I was assured that my next and next visits will no longer only be as a form of support. If you think I was exaggerating, go grab one of those fat bubbles and let me know what you think. ;) 

Fat Bubble 
Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 17
Pantai Indah Kapuk 
North Jakarta
T: @fatbubbleind

Other branch: Bintaro and Tebet

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Mas Bro said...

Hi Ivy, near my house at tebet, two month ago new Fat Bubble shop was opening, daily always crowded there with teenager, hmm i think that is such great desert shop, i will try tomorrow :)