Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carnivor: The meat company

I love it when something coincidence turns to be something worth to remember.

The first time we got to know the place was around a month ago when we had a thing to do at Kemayoran and decided to drove to Sunter after to look for dinner. We passed by a huge banner on the side of the road advertising on a restaurant, Carnivor, located in Sunter Icon Food Point. Being a true carnivore, we were sold as soon as we read the words "The meat company". *grin*
The food point was located in the same area with marketing gallery of Sunter Icon, an on progress new apartment. Behind the marketing gallery building was the Sunter Icon Food Point with three restaurants side by side, Captain Seafood, Warung Tekko and Carnivor.

Took us by surprise that Carnivor turns out to be a spacious restaurant with beautiful interior. Brick walls, glass windows, the candle chandelier look a like... It was an instant crush for me. I love how they design the place. Looking through the menu, aside from the obvious meat grill part, they also serve wide variety of pizza and pasta, along with selections of finger foods as their appetizers. Prices were all very affordable considering on how well they did with the design concept. 

Since that very first attempt, Hubby and I had dine there three times. You can judge how we enjoyed our time there by three visits in a month. Unfortunately, I only took the pictures of what we eaten there on the last visit since I didn't bring my camera on the first two. To resume, what we ate from all the three visits were Angus rib eye (150k), Caesar salad (25k), Salt & Pepper calamari (29k), Carnivor meat cravers Pizza (55k), Fisherman's catch (45k) and Grilled Salmon (60k).

Delicious food, great service, gorgeous design concept with affordable prices. What more can you ask? They called it the meat company, I call them... Sunter's hidden gem.

Carnivor TMC
Sunter Icon Food Point
(Inside Marketing gallery of Sunter Icon)
Jl. Griya Sejahtera
Sunter Agung, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29376275

Other branch: Pantai Indah Kapuk, Boulevard Kelapa Gading

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Gita Andreina Ang said...

totally agree!! i also found this restaurant by accident and i can't even express how satisfied i am with this place!!
and now, i can't stop promoting this restaurant to my friends and my relatives, it was really pleasant dinner there :)