Monday, December 26, 2011


My best friend bbm me on Christmas eve telling me that she was in Senayan City and many tenants were having year end sale, 50% all items plus another 20% if we have a certain credit card. I was tempted, so yesterday I dragged my husband to Senci. I don't normally ask my husband to accompany me on shopping, I am more comfortable doing shopping by my self or with my girl friends, but in between our Christmas dinner date and the last day sale of 1 tenant that I happen to like, no choice I have to dragged him with me.

Senci was super crowded, we were lucky of getting 2 seats for Sherlock. After wandering in some selected tenants, I ended up not getting anything. Not sure whether nothing caught my eyes or I was just swamped with the crowd. Anyway, we were having trouble on deciding where to eat so we went for one of the place that never failed us, Spageddies. 

The place was full house, we waited around 15 minutes before our names got called. We skipped the appetizer and dessert and went for 3 main courses, and end up on not finishing them. =( 

Pan Seared Scallop (150k) - A plate of fettucini with scallop in Neapolitan sauce. Not a fan, presentation was messy and so was the taste. The scallop was lack of seasoning, and the sauce was all over the plate, too much that the pasta tasted too sweet. 

Rotisserie Chicken (80k) - Half chicken roasted with Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Originally the side dish was with potatoes but the waiter asked me whether I want to have Aglio instead. Of course I said yes as I always love their aglio.I can't really say anything about the chicken, it was ok but a lil bit dry.

Grilled Rib Eye Steak (175k) - Another disappointment. To me the price was so not worth it for that kind of steak. The meat were chewy and thin. 

I was very disappointed on our dinner. Spageddies usually never failed us, maybe it had something to do with the overload customers although it wasn't even supposed to be a reason to have low quality. The highlight of our meal last night was only the aglio.

Senayan City level4
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Ph. +6221 72781088

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Canteen had been one of my favorite place to dine. Nowadays, most of the new dining places were only strong in the great design concept but lack of good menu. As someone who adores food, I love to try up on new restaurants, but rarely back for the second time, as I said most of them give more thought on the design rather the food. In my humble opinion, Canteen is not one of those places. It's one of the place that I had been keep on coming for regular dine. To me, their food and service had never let me down. Although don't come here when you are super hungry as you could fainted before your meal come. One of the thing I don't like about Canteen is the food serving took forever. 

Anyway, I always went to the one in Plaza Indonesia. One night, my husband and I went to their Pacific Place branch. We sat in the front as inside was meant for smoking only. On our way, I knew that I wanted to have their Risotto with duck and mushroom, but when I looked at the menu, it was not in it and the menu book was also not the same like the one at PI. I asked the waiter and turns out some of their menus were different for each branch, and the one I was craving about only available in Canteen PI. The risotto they have was Mushroom Risotto (60k), so my husband ordered it and I chose Australian Sirloin 200gr with baby potatoes (110k). We skipped the appetizer and dessert as we wanted to try the Homemade Lasagna (60k). 

Mushroom Risotto - I don't really like the risotto, it was seasoned well but it was watery and quite mushy. Very different with the one in PI. 

Australian Sirloin - The meat was not that juicy but it was still grilled well and I loved the crunchiness of the baby potatoes.

Homemade Lasagna - I didn't taste the lasagna from the top as it had cheddar all over it, but the minced beef and the sauce was delicious and generous. The pasta layers were not too thick so it was good. 

Overall as I said, Canteen had never failed me but somehow I feel I had better meals in their Plaza Indonesia's branch.

Pacific Place Level 4
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52 - 53
Ph. +6221 57973742

Monday, December 5, 2011

[RELOCATED] Bobabits by Auntie Betsie

A friend of mine told me about this recently opened bubble tea and Taiwan street snacks named Bobabits in Pantai Indah Kapuk. As soon as I heard, I have this urge to try it immediately. I always am fan of bubble tea and to add Taiwan street snacks into it just make me want to try even more. So this afternoon, on my way to PIK hospital to get my medical check up result, I stopped by at Bobabits for a take away.

The place was located few ruko away from Smokey Ribs. As I parked my car in front of Bobabits, I saw this cute patio design with green chairs and white table with big umbrella in each table. Stepping in, the place was dominated with white and green. Cute was the first thing popped in my mind looking at the interior of the place. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lemon on DRESSCODE Magz: December

December is coming! 

How I felt about December is always pro and cons. I don't like it that again another year will soon be passing away and that time flies so quick, but I couldn't help to feel excited on the Christmas joy. Although I don't celebrate Christmas but I somehow always love everything about it. The songs, Santa Claus, all the red and green decorations. 

Almost a year ago, We were having our honeymoon during Christmas and New year period. It was winter, even it was so freakin cold, I was very happy to have my first white Christmas. Still capture in my mind the streets were covered with big Christmas tree, red and green were everywhere with too many Santa Claus waving on us. Don't you just love Christmas? 
Too bad Indonesia is not one of the city who make big fuss about Christmas so I won't be seeing any big Christmas tree decorations. =( 

Anyway, buying trip is coming. I will be off until Dec 11th. However CLOSET 7 will be launched a little bit late as after my buying trip, I will be away on a holiday. Yes... Mama Lemon needs a break. ;) 

See you soon ladies with my upcoming gorgeous CLOSET 7!

Bakmi Tan

One morning, me and hubby were craving for a nice noodle breakfast. We were thinking to go for the safe road... You know the old time favorite where we know it will never disappoint us, Bakmi Aloi. But I remember I crossed something new when I was driving around Pluit, so we drove there and turns out it was not something new but at least it was new to us as we haven't tried it before. Bakmi Tan was a branch from the popular one in Mangga Besar, and the one in Pluit Karang was a branch moved from Pantai Mutiara. It located just a few ruko away from Bakmi Babat Senen

As we stepped in, the place was almost empty with only 1 table occupied. We ordered two portions of noodle (20k) and 1 portion of beef meatball. The noodle came and it had quite generous amount of chicken chunks on the top along with dumpling crackers. I was relief that the noodle was thick and firm, it was quite good although I didn't find anything special to make me itch for a second crave. 

Bakmi Tan
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara 
(Next to Bank DKI, in line with Bapau A1)
North Jakarta