Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bakmi Tan

One morning, me and hubby were craving for a nice noodle breakfast. We were thinking to go for the safe road... You know the old time favorite where we know it will never disappoint us, Bakmi Aloi. But I remember I crossed something new when I was driving around Pluit, so we drove there and turns out it was not something new but at least it was new to us as we haven't tried it before. Bakmi Tan was a branch from the popular one in Mangga Besar, and the one in Pluit Karang was a branch moved from Pantai Mutiara. It located just a few ruko away from Bakmi Babat Senen

As we stepped in, the place was almost empty with only 1 table occupied. We ordered two portions of noodle (20k) and 1 portion of beef meatball. The noodle came and it had quite generous amount of chicken chunks on the top along with dumpling crackers. I was relief that the noodle was thick and firm, it was quite good although I didn't find anything special to make me itch for a second crave. 

Bakmi Tan
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara 
(Next to Bank DKI, in line with Bapau A1)
North Jakarta

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