Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bakmi Babat Senen

One of my enjoyable reading is a free magazine named Media Kawasan. It is a monthly magazine where they distribute it free to certain area. Luckily my house area are included as one of the circulation place. I enjoyed it as they have many advertisement directories which we can get information on several vendors.
Last Monday, I was enjoying my lazy day by reading the September edition and saw an advertisement about a newly opened noodle place named Bakmi Babat Senen in Pluit area. Call me anything you like, but I instantly have this craving and went straight driving to Pluit by my self just to try this noodle. =) I should get rewarded with miss curiosity or miss greedy to be more exact considering the stupid traffic lately in Pluit. 

Anyway, the place was located next to Bank DKI, a line with Bapau A1. When I reached there the place was empty and I am the only customers. The owner told me that this was a branch from the same noodle place in Senen. I ordered 1 bowl of Bakmi Babat (29k) as it was their specialty. Turns out it was a wet noodle with chicken broth but we can ask to have the broth separated. It was delicious, I like the noodle and the generous beef tripe. The broth was also seasoned nicely.

It was surely a worth traffic jam meals. :)

Bakmi Babat Senen 
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara Blok H1/S No. 90A
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 66695824

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