Friday, September 30, 2011

Rumah Air

Last Saturday, my girls and I went for a short trip to Bogor. The traffic that day was crazeeeeeeyyyyy. Seriously, what is it with the traffic and the mobile reception these days, huh Jakarta? It took us more or less 2 hours to reach Bogor and we went straight for lunch at Rumah Air. I saw this online that they serve Sundanese food with natural greens ambiance where they have all the gazebos (read: Saung) for customers to sit and enjoy their meals. It was located inside upscale Bogor Nirwana Residence. The place was very big and they also have an area for children to play.

That day the weather was extremely hot and humid. Sadly, all the dining places were open air so accompanied by the very very hot and humid weather, we sat under a Saung and start to order. The service as predictable was unbelievable slow. We knew that the service will took some time as the place was very big and in separated areas and we hardly see many waiters walking through our spot. 

There were not really much options on the menu, we figured to just order what we can order and later we just find other place to eat again if the meal was disappointing. We ordered Gurame fried fish (67,5k), Karedok (10,5k), Sayur asem (15k), Kangkung cah terasi (10,5k), Ayam bakar & Ayam goreng (14,5k/ pcs). As our meals came, so were the flies. The small candle in the table was not helping at all. The flies were everywhere.

The meals actually were not bad, it was ok. But between the traffic, the hot weather and humidity, the slow service, the not vary menu options, and the disturbing flies keep on flying around while we're eating, I found the lunch was way irritating than acceptable. It was good to know the place, but I don't think I will go there twice. 

Rumah Air
Jl. Raya Boulevard CBD
Bogor Nirwana Residence
South Bogor
Ph. +6251 8200666

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