Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paradise Dynasty

Normally me and my family always go on family trip during Lebaran period as it was the only period we can run away from our busy activities, but this year I decided to not join them as my husband can't leave his business for that long. Turns out I quite enjoy having to spend my holiday in town. The traffic was just sooooo frickin greattt! I mean from Pluit area to Senayan took no more than 15 minutes. If only this thing could happen not only once in a year. 

On the last day before my family went on their trip, we went to Plaza Senayan. There was nothing to do there actually, we just wanted to enjoy the smooth traffic. =) After wondering around we were feeling on grabbing something to eat, so we headed to Paradise Dynasty. I have read many reviews on food blogs around last month when they just opened, and seems along that time many of my friends always put the famous Xiao Long Bao as their picture's profile at BBM. Bottom line I was very curious.

It was Monday noon and public holiday, but the place was full house. We were on the waiting list for about 15 minutes before ushered to our table. The place was nicely decorated with modern Chinese ambiance and touch of black and gold as the main color. It was a franchise from Singapore. I've been to one of their restaurant under the group, Taste Paradise at Ion Orchard and the ambiance in here was more or less the same as the one there. 

Okay back to the menu, we ordered the famous Signature dynasty dumplings (78k) with 8 flavors. By right we should eat it in following order: Original, ginseng, foei gras, black truffle, cheesy, crab roe, garlic and sze chuan, but as we only ordered one and there were 4 of us so we didn't pay attention on the order and just eat whichever we like. I cannot remember which ones I ate, but the four of us loved all the dumplings. They were tasted great, I loved how the dumpling skin had the right thickness, not too thick but also not easily tear up, and the broth inside the dumpling was nicely seasoned.
My second favorite one was the pan fried pork and french bean dumpling (18k). It was really good that I asked my family to let me have the last dumpling, while I was usually the type of person who let others have the last bite.

Their ramen selections however were not as remembered as the dumplings. We chose Lamian w/ vegetable pork dumpling in signature pork bone soup (42k), Lamian with scallops, prawn and crab meat (58k) and Lamian w/ poached marble beef in Sze chuan style (58k). The last two were their chef's signatures but to me they weren't counted as Ivy's signatures hehehe... Well, yes the broth was different from the usual clear chicken soup, their signature pork bone soup was dense but to me it was tasteless and tasted so so. But I do admire the Lamian's bowl. I want to have those bowls for my kitchenware.

Anyway, it was a pleasant lunch and I am glad I have another good options when I crave for Xia Long Bao.

Paradise Dynasty
Plaza Senayan 5th flr (across XXI)
Jl. Asia Afrika
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 579000146
Other outlets at Mall Central Park

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