Monday, September 19, 2011

Seafood S.F.6

I went for lunch at Seafood S.F.6 yesterday. The place was located at Pantai Mutiara and it was near the famous Bakmi Sakaw @Cafe Dermaga. If it was not because of my parents just ate here with their friends and told me about this place, I wouldn't have known as they didn't really have any signboard and it really looked like an abandoned warehouse from outside. My parents told me they have a great seafood dinner there and the place was always full house every night.

When I reached there, it was around 2pm and the place was not crowded yet. Entering through what it look like a warehouse, we walked along these counters where fresh fish, prawns, clams and crabs were put inside aquariums that we can chose directly for our fresh seafood. Walking through, they have dining chairs in the dock where we can just dine next to the beach. Is it beach? Hmmm... well at least there were waters. It was nice, we can feel the wind blows and air breeze.

Anyway, there were 3 of us and we ordered Ikan bawal bakar kecap (154k @22k/ounce), Cumi saos padang (40k), Kangkung cah terasi (17k), Kerang bambu tauco (35k) and Tahu isi (18k). The fish was very well seasoned, I can't stop licking my spoon for the seasoning. The squid padangnese sauce however was a disappointment. It was too sweet where I thought Padangnese sauce should be more to spicy than sweet. Isn't it? All the dishes were cooked delicious but my favorite was the clams. It was superb. It came in big size portions and the Tauco sauce was extremely good. I really recommend the clams to be a must order dish. Looks like my parents does have quite seafood taste. Oh yes, don't order the Tofu, it was hideous, no prawns and the vegetables inside were not in good taste. 

Seafood lovers... This place is truly recommended. Please take note on the opening hours though as they have break off hours.

Seafood S.F.6
Komplek Pantai Mutiara Blok S.F.6 
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 6692825
Open hours: 11am - 3pm
                   18pm - 22 pm

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