Sunday, September 25, 2011

Social House

Last Sunday was one of my colleague's birthday. As it was fell on Sunday, one of the girls planning to surprise her and I went along with the idea. The plan was the birthday girl's boyfriend took her to Social House for a birthday breakfast and we went there to surprise her. The plan worked out successfully. We were all not a morning person type, but seeing our friend's surprise and happy face surely worth the lesser sleeping time. =)

I always enjoy coming to Social House as I like the ambiance and their food. I've been here couple times but it was my first time trying their breakfast. They were not as packed as usual during morning time. It was a good feeling to actually can dine here without buzzing crowd for a change.

When we reached there, the birthday girl had ordered a plate of The "old time" favorites overhauled (75k) for shared with her boyfriend. It looked so tempting so we decided to ordered the same one and one plate of the hangover (65k). The orders didn't took long to be served. In the old time favorites were two choice of eggs, baked beans, bacon, sausage and social bacon hash. We could chose the bacon between pork or turkey. While the hangover came in slightly smaller portion consisted of jumbo sausage with creamy polenta and truffle scrambled eggs. We can chose pork or beef sausage, we chose pork and it was delicious. Both dishes were. After that the boyfriend ordered one Ricotta hotcakes (65k) to shared. A pancakes with mixed wild berry, fresh banana, maple syrup honey and roasted almond butter. It was a typical pancake until we added up the maple syrup. It really did bring out the flavor balance.

The "Old Time" Favorites
The Hangover 
Ricotta Hotcakes
Homemade Ice Lemon Tea

It was one of my most pleasant Sunday morning. Having fun with friends accompanied with good nice breakfast. What's more to ask?

Social House 
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Level 1, East mall
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 
Ph.+6221 23581818

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