Thursday, September 8, 2011

MasterChef Australia season 2

My favorite series nowadays. I love MasterChef! From Junior one, to adult one. Australia one to USA, I enjoy them all. I don't really like MasterChef Indonesia, perhaps because the food presentation wasn't tempting enough even I do know that I can't even cook like that. But Congratulations to Lucky as the first MasterChef Indonesia. The food presentations might not making me drooled but the grand prize did. Kitchen set from Metric worth IDR 200 million, package to Sydney and cash of IDR 300 million. Whyyyy I was not born as a genius in culinary?!!

Anyway, my favorite Masterchef Australia was just came to an end, and 2 of my favorites were actually made it as the 2 grand finals. Adam & Callum where Adam successfully earned the tittle of MasterChef Australia season 2. I love both of them and Jonathan also one of my favorite, I think it was a shame that he didn't win but anyway I am happy for Adam & Callum. I adore Adam's creative way of cooking and love Callum's attitude and his ability in making desserts. 

Now that MasterChef Australia season 2 ended, thank God MasterChef USA season 2 started the premiere last week. Looking forward on who will be the winner. =)

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