Thursday, September 8, 2011


From Cal - Roll Factory, again my recently addictive of desserts arise and it took us to Velpa. It was an Italian restaurant specialized in grill and wine bar. From outside we can saw their wine cellar displayed neatly. The place was with dark ambiance surrounding with dark woods. They have piano near the entrance and walking through we went pass the bar area before we sat down in the dining.

I asked the waiter for the desserts recommendation, and she recommended us to try their Mealty chocolate (42k) and Fruits platter (42k). We ordered Velpa punch (35k) for the beverage to share.It didn't took long for our desserts to be served. My mealty chocolate basically was similar with molten chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. It was not bad but didn't really suited my taste as the chocolate sauce inside the cake was too watery, while the ice cream was way too sweet. The fruit platter was a plate of mixed fruits served with lemon sorbet. Well what can I say, they were only fruits, but the sorbet was refreshing. As for the velpa punch was a glass of mocktail with mixed of orange juice, lime juice, pinneaple, raspberry jam, blueberry jam and grenadine. It was ok, the sweet and sour blended well.

Although I was not impressed with their desserts, but I will be coming back one day to try on their main course. See you Velpa!

Gandaria City Ground flrUnit M-G43
Jl. Sultan iskandar Muda, Arteri Pondok Indah
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29007955

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