Thursday, September 1, 2011

White Hunter

There was nothing much to do and no place to go when you spent your holiday in town. Shopping mall was always seems to be the only option. I was saying to my husband that we need to took advantage of the smooth traffic and we should go to place that we normally won't go due to the heavy jam. Got to think, I remember we didn't got the chance to go to Living World at the last time we went to Serpong area, so we went there. It was a new shopping place in Tangerang where I happen to know have quite many dining places.

Walking through the mall, the food zone seems to be centered on the ground floor. We didn't really crave for anything at that time, but when we passed White Hunter, I saw this sign written they have 50% discount using certain credit card that I happen to have. A 50% discount plus a new dining place that I never tried before, what's more to ask? =) White Hunter shared one space with Korean restaurant, Han Gang and yes, their were in the same management, so you will be given 2 menu books from 2 restaurants to choose from. The place itself was quite large as it was meant for 2 different restaurants. They designed the place with bricks and woods and have this huge imitation tree in the center.

We looked at the menu and ordered House salad (38k) and Fried champs (35k) for the starters. When I read the description on the house salad "freshly mixed spinach w/ champignon, beef bacon and deep fried garlic, served with our homemade sesame dressing". It strikes me that their salad description was the same like one of the best salad I ever had at Gyu Kaku, I truly hope it was the same as not many place use spinach on their salad, mostly they will use lettuce or rocket leaves. When the salad was served, yes, it was definitely looked like the one at Gyu Kaku, but the dressing was too brownish and thick. Got to the tasting part, it was unfortunately not good. Blame it on the dressing that was too thick, too dense and too sweet that we hardly can eat for second bite so we just left it unfinished. While the fried champs was very interesting, they came in big sizes, whether individually or in groups, they used these big champignon mushroom and well fried. It was delicious.

As for the main course, I chose US prime rib eye steak (99k) came in steamed veggies and 1 side dish, I opted for potato wedges. The steamed veggies was perfectly steamed, very fresh, still have the crunchiness but not in the crackers crunchy way, and I loved the wedges, it was perfectly fried and remains non flabby until the last bite. My rib eye was ok, not the best one I ever had but quite ok. My husband chose Australian tenderloin steak (175k). Well it was also ok but in my humble opinion, it was not worth the value. Luckily they were 50%.

US Prime Rib Eye
Australian Tenderloin

White Hunter
Living World Ground flr Unit 37
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard kav 21
Serpong, Tangerang
Ph. +6221 53125496

Other outlets: Emporium Pluit

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