Tuesday, September 6, 2011

La Biere

Now that I have resigned from my job, I got more time to write, but the stupid internet connection has not been a good supporter. As I was so craving on writing, I drove my self to the nearest Starbucks leveraging on their wi-fi, accompanied with my favorite Lemonade Zen. 

It was on the second day of Idul Fitri when me and my husband went for a morning dimsum at Samudra seafood in BRI building. I am a fan of dimsum and this place was one of my all time favorite place. But I will not post about it now, I plan to have a writing on comparison of dimsum in several places. So now I will review first about an Italian bistro that we went in after our morning dimsum.

Have I told you how am I into dessert nowadays? It's weird since I never like something sweet, but it had been weeks that I always wanted something sweet after I finished my meal. As I am not expecting, then I only have those talented people in MasterChef to blame on my craving for desserts. =) I was actually wanted to try desserts at Souly Butter Kitchen, too bad they were closed during Idul Fitri so we went to Central Park as I really was craving for Molten chocolate cake, and I figured La Biere, the new Italian restaurant that just opened there should have that cake. 

It located at Tribeca, an open garden spot in Central Park circled with dining places. The place was almost empty when we reached there, they have indoor and outdoor spot where the outdoor was meant for smokers, so we sat inside. I saw La Biere in one of food blogs and I remember when I saw the pictures on that food blog, I was thinking that the place looks sophisticated. I didn't think that way now. The place was ok, it was decorated with bricks and woods, so the ambiance was quite dark, they have black chandelier hanging on the top. It was ok, but let's just say that it look better in the pictures.

I was right, they have Molten Chocolate Cake (35k) and we added a plate of Queen Caesar salad (48k) and Drumsticks (28k) from the appetizers part. The Caesar salad came in a pathetic presentation. It was only lettuce covered in too much dressings topped with grilled salmon. The dressings was too watery and tasted horrible, and the salad was literary only have lettuce, nothing else. The drumstick came second, also the same pathetic presentation. One plate only have 4 smalls fillet chicken wings baked, breaded with BBQ sauce. They were so small that didn't look tempting at all. The flavor was even worse than the look. It was so salty... so so very salty that I was squinted my eyes when I ate the first bite and directly drank my lemon tea to swallow it as I can't have my tongue to chew it due to the saltiness. I prayed and prayed please let me have a decent molten cake and it was partly granted. It wasn't as worse as the appetizers but wasn't reach my expectations either. The chocolate filling inside the cake was too watery and just burst out like flood when I cut the cake, where the perfect molten cake was supposed to have more dense chocolate sauce.

I am sorry for my sharp review, but I truly believe that they need to improve more on the food. It was one of my most unpleasant Italian dine. 

La Biere
Central Park, Tribeca Ground Flr Unit 9 - 10
Jl. Let Jend. S. Parman Kav 28
Ph. +6221 29200042 - 43

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Louie said...

Can't agree with you more.

Definitely NOT a recommended place to dine in! For the price, the food quality was disastrous. My personal experience: the grilled steak looked as if it wasn't even grilled at all! If it was, then it might be pan-grilled for some weird reasons. Food was cold when served, portion was puny, and the gravy, ohmigosh, tasteless 2-tablespoon-brownish-liquid with 3 itsybitsy chopped mushroom!! And I had to pay more than Rp. 100.000 for the crap! The only good part? The fries, and that's because they're using ready-made, factory-produced fries. Meh!