Thursday, September 8, 2011

OMO! Chicken

After La Biere, on our way to parking lot, I spotted this OMO! Chicken on 3rd floor. I was very full yet I really wanted to try so we packed home the chicken wings. OMO! Chicken originally from Korea and they highlighted that their chicken was cooked with Canola oil. It came with 3 different sauce; hot, soya or tomato with choices of 6pcs, 12pcs, 25pcs or 50pcs. We chose 6pcs with hot sauce (38k).  

While waiting for our take away, I looked around the place. It was small filled only with few tables with yellow and white ambiance. they have the mascot of big yellow chicken doll sitting in a white chair outside the restaurant. 

Reaching home, I know that I should wait a while before I eat again, but I can't help it. In my defense, every meal would taste better if we eat it hot so I didn't want to wait too long. My husband didn't want to argue even that he knew I was just being piggery and use the "eat while it's hot" as an excuse. *blush*

The chicken wings were delicious! I can really feel the hot and spiciness in each of the wings. At first, I thought it was quite pricey for 6pcs of wings valued at 38k, but it was totally worth it. The wings were crisp and spicy. Yummy. Can't wait for my next visit to OMO!Chicken. 

OMO! Chicken
Central Park Mall Level 3 - 121
Jl.Let Jen S. Parman Kav.28
Ph. +6221 56985776

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