Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cal-Roll Factory

My best friend and I went to Gandaria City for a chit chat lunch. Since we were both craving for Japanese food, we walking around looking for Japanese restaurant and we found Cal-Roll Factory. I remembered that this place was a franchise from USA. I was quite surprised when I saw the place as it was small and very casual, unlike most of the newly opened restaurants which like racing on who has the best interior look. This one was very fun and casual, with yellow and black color dominated the room. Their walls were all covered with pictures of menu descriptions.

We sat down and I got a headache when I looked at the menu as there were so many to choose from, and unlike typical sushi place, they used actual people's name and other fun words for their sushi menu, such as Marty, bill, Joe, M&M, Kick ass, bread monster, etc. I agreed with the uniqueness but definitely giving me quite some time to read on each of the menu descriptions as I can't decide what was the sushi ingredients from the name itself. Luckily they divided the sushi selections into several from their chef's recommendation, house special rolls, crunchy rolls, baked scallop rolls, and they also provided half portion rolls so we can have more different kinds of sushi types.

We went for the waiter's recommendation and ordered: 

Crunchy Roll - Agape (58k) ; Shredded crab, shrimp tempura and spicy scallop.

Half rolls - Alaskan Salmon (20k); Salmon, avocado and mayo

Baked Scallop - 58k; Avocado roll topped with baked scallop and smelt egg

Half rolls - Marty (24k); Baked salmon, smelt egg, avocado and mayo

Crunchy Rolls - Kick Ass (48k); Spicy Albacore, cream cheese, crispy seaweed, tempura crumbs

Chicken Karaage (38k)

Overall, I like their sushi. It was fresh and tasty. The kick Ass was my favorite. I don't really know what Albacore is, and I forgot to ask the waiter but it tasted like egg plant. Anyway, the Kick Ass with spicy albacore was really recommended. 

Cal - Roll Factory
Gandaria City Level UG Flr M-U11
Jl.Sultan Iskandar Muda, Arteri Pondok Indah
South Jakarta

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