Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stevan Meat Shop

Still in my mission to conquer all the new dining places at Pantai Indah Kapuk, we went for dinner at Stevan Meat Shop. From the name, I could tell that the place was similar with Seven to 7 where the concept was a meat shop which also serve meals to diners.

The entrance was an outdoor spot with several tables & entering the main door was the meat shop, they sold various of meat selections mostly angus and wagyu types, along with salmon, frozen sausage, fries, scallop, unagi, udon and also some fresh vegetables. Where on the non - frozen section, they were also selling different kinds of imported sauces, ketchup, oil and snacks. Back to the meat selections, we chose Wagyu mb9+ Rib Eye (71,5k per 100 grams) and Black Angus Rib Eye (38,5k per 100 grams). We asked for each 200 grams. They have the combo package valued at 35k to get the sauce + side dishes + veggie. If we only want to have the sauce without any side dishes, they will charged us 12k. It was weird, I thought that a steak should always comes with the sauce, yet they still charge us for it. The unique from them was they have options for the sauce which not ordinary found at other steak place. Other than the usual mushroom, BBQ and black pepper, we can chose to have bulgogi, kungpao and pad thai sauce. Unfortunately, I realized the other types of sauces after we already put in orders. 

Talking about the place, I like how they did with the interior where most of dining places with brick and wood concept will usually go with dark woods, Stevan chose natural light wood so the place looks bright, vintage with clean and stylish ambiance. Aside from the outdoor spot, they have indoor spot in second floor. The first floor was dominated for the meat shop only. Their tables and chairs was custom made with stamp of Stevan Meat Shop in each of them.

Sadly, the interior was much nicer than the food. Usually I always have well done for my steak temperature, but the waiter suggested me to have it medium well as it fits better for my angus rib eye. He said that having it well done will make the meat dry, I agreed and went along with it. Well, he did made a point, the meat was certainly not dry but it was not tender, it was chewy and giving me hard time on cutting the meat. While the Wagyu was better than my Angus, but overall, without trying to compare or is it too obvious for me to do so, I like Seven to 7 so much more than this one. 

Stevan Meat Shop
Jl. Marina Indah Golf
Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania Blok A No. 8
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Ph. +6221 93581008

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