Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven to 7

8.30pm, I was just getting back from work and finished shower when my husband asked me out for dinner at Abuba steak. I was actually planning to just stayed at home waiting for Masterchef Australia, my recent most favorite show to watch so I was not eager to go. But my husband know me so well, he knew that I always very curious and excited to go to places I never tried before, so he changed the venue to Seven to 7. I was tempted and quickly said yes. I could just wait for the Masterchef's reruns. :)

Seven to 7 was located at Pantai Indah Kapuk and had opened for quite some time. The place was not big, it was a 2 storey's Ruko. We sat at the first floor. They opened from 6am - 11pm, but the last order was at 9.30pm. Offering selections from light breakfast, sandwiches, spaghetti, shabu-shabu and steak. The waiter told us for steak preference, we could select the meat options and how many grams that we want directly from the freezer. It was quite unique, they combined the restaurant with meat shop and small mini market. So we could order in from the menu, or we could go to the freezer to see the selections of meat, sausage, potatoes, hash brown and asked them to cook for us with cooking charge of 10-20k.

We were both craving for steak. I chose Australian Organic rib eye priced at IDR 38,700 per 100grams, and my husband chose Australian Grainfed rib eye priced at IDR 47,700 per 100 grams. I asked for 200 grams with mushroom sauce, while my husband took 250 grams with same sauce. The waiter asked us whether we want to add 50k for fresh salad+mushroom soup+fries+mango pudding, we decided to add the 50k for my hubby's portion.

The mushroom soup came first. It was quite nice, not too creamy and milky. The salad was typical ordinary caesar salad with thousand island at the top. Then our steak came. It was perfection. Very tender, very juicy, cooked perfectly. We liked it. We will definitely be coming back, but I will not add the 50k for my next visit. It was not worth it, as all came in small portions and turns out we can just add fries for 9,7k. 

After our meals, we bought some things from the mini market. Hash brown, potato wedges, teriyaki sauce and baked beans. On our way home, we just remembered that they didn't serve us the mango pudding. :( But I was still very happy to found another good place to enjoy steak.

Seven to 7
Ruko Cordoba Blok G No.21-22
Bukit Golf Mediterania
PIK, Jakarta Utara 
Ph. +6221 56983504


SyLvia goszaL said...

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Idian Mansjur said...

Went to this place at PIK and ordered our steak from the counter. All was well until the waiter his us with "there will be an extra IDR35.000 additional charge per steak to cook the steak" and we were totally stunned. It was like you buy a ticket to the movie and found out later that you have to pay for the seat too.

In the end we just cancelled everything and order pasta only.

Unless you are willing to pay additional IDR35.000 for each steak they cook i suggest you avoid this place.