Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mie Dorokdok + Poka Tiam

Last Sunday, me and my hubby went to Bandung. It was an impromptu trip so just the two of us. We reached there around 9am something and went straight to Pasir Kaliki. I read in one of food blogger's blog about a street vendor that sells noodle which she loved, so we headed there to give it a try. The vendor was located at the front of Poka Tiam, a Singaporean kopi tiam. We decided to order 1 bowl first incase it wasn't good. The noodle was called Mie Dorokdok (13k). We can choose dry or wet, served with meatballs, beef tripe and tendon topped with cowhide crackers. It wasn't bad but very standard noodles, the difference was only at the crunchy crackers. 

After that, we went in to Poka Tiam and ordered Fried pork kwetiau (25k), Fried samcan with chilli salt (32k), Siewmay (16,8k), Ice barley (8,8) and Soya milk (8,8k). The kwetiau came in a very oily presentation, and I didn't see any pork, they just put pork sausages inside and small chopped of char siu . It was indeed oily and wasn't good at all, tasteless and unseasoned. The siewmay was like those frozen siewmay which you can find in supermarket. The fried samcan was quite ok but definitely not good enough to make me want to come back. Luckily there was 25% discount using certain credit card to at least make me felt better about the unfavorable breakfast. 

Poka Tiam
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto 
(d/h Pasir Kaliki) No. 64

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