Friday, July 29, 2011

Ten Ten

I have always wanted to try Ten Ten but their first branch was at Pondok Indah Mall where it was simply too far for me, so when they opened at Plaza Indonesia, I was very excited to try since PI was only steps away from my office. Luckily my colleagues were always kind enough to accompanied me on trying new places. :)

We went there on Wednesday afternoon for lunch. I was not really familiar with PI, but according to my colleagues, Ten Ten occupied the place where previously was Bakerz In. It was not big and the interior was designed more or less like Sushi Tei with light woods and yellow lights. I loved the ambiance and the cute little things they put on the table or the display cabinet. The waiter told us they were in the same management with Sushi Tei, Sushi Kiosk, Rakuzen, Pepper Lunch, Bakerz In and Paradise Dinasty. 

We started to order. I saw they had Takoyaki on the menu and usually if I went to a place who served Tako, I will definitely try but this time I didn't as I was still quite full from earlier breakfast. Looking at the menu, I was drooling as they were all looks tempting. It was written on the menu that we can make our own tempura. They have selections of ebi, shitake, carrot, onions, eggplant and many others with very affordable prices for us to make into our own preferable  tempura set. They have 3 options for the tempura from original, spicy and black pepper. 

As both of my colleagues chose the rice set, I wanted to try their Udon, so I chose Niku Udon (50k) and create my own tempura set with 1pcs of ebi (10k), eggplants came in 2pcs (5k) and shitake also came in 2pcs (5k). While my colleagues chose Mini tempura + Beef teriyaki set (50k) and Mini tempura + Ebi yose katsu set (50k). Both were served with miso soup and a bowl of rice. For the beverages, we ordered 2 glasses of Blueberry with jelly (18k) and Kyoho grape cooler (18k). 

Niku Udon

Mini Tempura + Beef Teriyaki set
Mini Tempura + Ebi Yose Katsu set

The waiter told us that it would take 20 minutes for our meals to be served, but I think it was more than that. However, it was worth the wait. My Udon was delicious, I loved the well seasoned broth, not too salty and the beef was generous and tender. The portion was not big but it was fulfilling. Same as my colleagues' rice sets, they came in a tray and the portions were not big but at the end was very fulfilling to each of us. The rice set came with smaller tempura (mini one) while my "make your own tempura" came in regular size. We loved the tempura. It was served hot and crunchy, along with all the vegetables and mushrooms were very yummy too. Overall, we all think it was a pleasant lunch and the value paid was worth the meals.

Ten Ten
Plaza Indonesia Level Basement unit 16-19
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 28

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