Monday, July 11, 2011

Ryoshi Bali

Yesterday, on our way to Potato Head, we went trough Seminyak street and I saw many boutiques and little cafes along the street. Today, I asked our driver to dropped us at the corner of the main street so we can just walked around. After spotting some boutiques, I saw a Japanese restaurant with very Japanese concept. I was curious and suddenly craving about sushi, so we went in for our lunch.

When we stepped inside the restaurant, the place was very authentic Japanese look. It was built with wood design, the main entrance was with sliding door, and mostly tatami seating type. Very casual, very nice. As we ate, I could see we were the only Asian, the rest was mostly European & American. The place was getting more and more crowded while we were eating. Besides the one at Seminyak, they also had branches at Kuta, Sanur, Ubud and Mall Bali Galleria.

We ordered Inari Zushi (32k). It was tofu skin stuffed with sushi rice topped with various topping from omellete, chicken teriyaki and prawn. I was surprised to see the sushi size, it was double from the usual regular sushi. I didn't quite like it as it was simply to big like you were eating big chunk of rice. Then came Spider Maki (45k), Gyoza chicken grilled dumpling (28k) and Salmon sashimi. Luckily we didn't ordered to many at once, as the spider maki also came in big size, I didn't really enjoyed  it as they put sesame at the sushi, it tasted weird and bitter when you ate the sesame. The gyoza was nice, but the dumpling skin was too thick.

Overall, I loved the ambiance but not so much on the food. Although they do have many selections that we could try on next visit. 

Jl. Seminayak 17
Seminyak - Bali
Ph. +62361 731152

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