Monday, July 25, 2011

de Luca

Saturday night, me and hubby went to Plaza Senayan for a dinner & movie date. Both of us were movies addict and seriously devastated when imported movies were banned into XXI and Blitz. I mean, how ridiculous was that? Even now, I noticed some travel agents put up a package to go see movies in Spore and KL. I do really hope this issue will solve up soon. In the mean time, so excited that next week I will be going for buying trip for Lemon's, so I can catch Harry Potter and hopefully Transformer 3 will still be playing there. *finger crossed*

Anyway, we were planning to see Larry Crowne but we reached there 8.45pm and the latest show before midnight one was at 9pm. So we canceled movie and went straight for dinner. I noticed for some time that the furniture store at Plaza Senayan's parking lot had been shut down and recently turned into restaurants. 

There were 2 restaurants there, one was Italian named de Luca and one was coffee shop named Monolog. Both were full house. Lucky for us, de Luca still has 1 table left for 2 persons. The place was not big but they put tables outside the restaurant along the alley. It was designed with dark wood and dim lights. 

I wanted to try the across coffee shop after dine so we skipped appetizer and go straight to main course. I was craving for pizza and the waiter recommended me Americano pizza (68k). It was delicious! The pizza was thin crust with beef sausage, mozarella, tomato sauce and fried potato. One of the best pizza I tasted. My mind was even already planning to come back for other pizza selections. My husband was a meat lover, almost every time we dine he will opted for steak. He chose Veal alla milanesse (128k) served with mashed potato and aragula salad. The veal was butter crumbed and pan fried, it was tender and tasted quite ok but winner of the night really went to the pizza. 

Complimentary bread

de Luca just opened end of May and turns out they were in same management with Monolog, the coffee shop across them along with Immigrant and Rustique. For restaurant that just opened 2 months, the service was excellent. Even crowded, but the food serving was fast and the waiters were all very promptly when we asked for something. 

From the food and service, I will surely be back to de Luca. Very very soon! 

de Luca
Plaza Senayan Parking lot P1
Jl. Asia Afrika
Ph. +6221 5725144

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