Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warung Rawit

Sunday afternoon, I was driving around with my mom at PIK and feeling hungry. I remembered there was a restaurant named Warung Rawit that I wanted to try but haven't got the time, so we went there for a quick lunch. I was happy when I entered the place and it was jam packed. Hopefully it was a good sign that the meals were good.

It was an East Java & West Borneo type of food, they have many selections of food from grilled fish to the famous Iga penyet. I asked the waiter for her recommendation and she told me their Gurame Jeruk Bali (47.5k) and Pakis terasi cah udang (17.5k) were two of their popular dishes. So we chose that plus Bebek jantan penyet (29k) and Timun acar kuning (12.5k). The Gurame was nice, very crunchy as you can see from the picture. Overall, I liked all the dishes so the next week I came again for second visit with my parents and we ordered Iga sapi penyet (26k), Cumi penyet (21k), Kangkung oseng terasi (10k) and Terong balado pete (17.5k). All were yummy. I especially loved the squid and eggplant. The squid was cooked fried but non oily and the eggplant was well seasoned. 

Gurame Jeruk Bali
Pakis Terasi cah Udang

Bebek Jantan Penyet
Timun Acar Kuning
Iga Sapi Penyet
Cumi penyet
Kangkung Oseng Terasi
Terung Balado Pete

Overall, I think this place was a good option for affordable and nice place to eat. =)

Warung Rawit
Ruko Cordoba Blok E No. 10
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph. +6221 56983755

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