Monday, July 11, 2011


One of my closest distributors told me that I should paid a visit to ULAM when I went to Bali. It located in Nusa Dua and they offered free pick up for tourist who stayed at Nusa Dua area. The place was quite big, it was designed with rattan and wood. Very Balinese typical restaurant. 

My distributors said their seafood basket was delicious. I picked Special seafood basket (150k). It was a basket of grilled seafood combination, from lobster, prawn, fish, crab and squid, served with rice and chilli. I was surprised to see the portion, it was very large and it has too many items on the plate. I thought that they will put the rice and the dishes in separate plates, I didn't really like to have to many dishes all in once in my plate, gave me nauseous and a sudden full stomach feeling. It was weird but true. Anyway, to me it was ok but not the type of food which will make me go back for the second time. My husband ordered Ulam's special grill fish (45k). We added Crispy duck (65k). I didn't really like the duck as it was kinda wet and not crispy like the one at Bebek Bengil, although this one was bigger size.

Special seafood basket
Ulam's special grill fish
Crispy duck

Whole young coconut

Jl. P. Mengiat No.14
Peminge, Nusa Dua
Ph. +62361 771590

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