Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pondok Laguna

My husband had sudden craving for curry fish head, and we cannot think of better place to eat than Pondok Laguna. To us, they served the best curry fish head. They were same management with Pandan Bistro at Pluit. Four of us went there last Saturday and it was around 9pm already, but the place was still very crowded. I wonder how much turnover they got in a day.

We sat at second floor and start to order.

Curry fish head (110k). Never failed us. It was very very delicious. I was not really into fish actually, but this one was always been a favorite. I was actually drooling while writing this.

Tahu Kipas (30k). Excellent. It was fried tofu stuffed with beans, carrots and prawns. The prawn was crunchy. 

Grilled squid (33k). It was not perfection but ok. The portion was small. 

Fried chicken (14k/pcs)

Cah kangkung terasi (18,5k)

To me, Laguna will always be one of my favorite places to eat curry fish head.Too bad, they didn't put too much effort on the rest room. It was dirty. I always think that a restaurant need to very much pay attention on the cleanness, not only on the dining area, but every aspect including rest room. Don't you all agree? I hope they will do something about it. Meanwhile, I will do my best to not enter the restroom while eating there. =)

Pondok Laguna
Jl. Batu Tulis Raya No. 45
Jakarta Pusat
Ph. +6221 3459991

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