Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maja House

From Poka Tiam, we went to Maja house. Maja house was an outlet located uphill with 2 restaurants in the same management, Maja Suki and Sugar & Cream. Maja Suki served shabu - shabu while Sugar & Cream was a rooftop restaurant served International food. 

We chose Sugar & Cream as we were only heading for beverages and light meals. Sugar & Cream had this open air spot with comfy beds where you can directly see the view of Bandung. The beds were meant for people to lay down comfortably while hanging out with friends, too bad that the beds were all quite dirty so personally, we only sat there without laying down.

We chose Apple Mojito (35k), Bajigur and Fried calamari (25.5k). My mojito was very good, it had chunks of green apples and the mint leaves was very refreshing. One of the best mocktails I had in years. The fried calamari was also satisfying. The Bajigur could be better if it was served hot, so make sure to let the waiter know when you order. 

Maja was definitely a good place for hang out with friends and family. If you intend to come at night, make sure to do reservations first especially on weekend as they are often booked for private party.

Maja House
Jl. Sersan Bajuri No. 72
Ph. +6222 2788196

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