Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cafe Bali

On our last day in Bali, our flights were not until 4pm so we still have plenty times in the morning. We woke up late and I was thinking to have late breakfast at Rumours steak in Seminyak area. When we reached there it was almost 11am and they haven't opened yet, so was Trattoria. Turns out they were all just opened at 12 noon. So we walked along and spotted this cute cafe named Cafe Bali. They have board hanging outside the cafe with menu written on it. 

Entering inside, I loved the design, the ambiance, the smells. It was decorated like this cute restaurant in dutch colonial era, with white colors, they have these big windows from white wood, all tables were also from white wood, antique mirrors on the wall, just like Pastis but more conservative look. They put roses potpourri on each tables. Loved it so much!

Looking at the menu turns out they served breakfast, lunch and dinner. They opened every day from 7.30am - 11pm. As it was already noon, we were not looking for breakfast meals so we chose Caesar salad (45k) for the appetizer, Tender steak (75k) and Chicken supreme (55k) for the main course. I loved it when I came to restaurant where they will asked us whether we want the appetizer to be served first or all in once together. I always thought that if I ordered appetizer, then by right it should come first before any other meals, but most of the restaurants didn't really bother about this unless fancy one. Cafe Bali was not fancy type but they surely gave a good service, it's a shame that we were rushing our time, so we asked them to just bring all in once. 

The Caesar Salad came along with our main course. It was very fresh, served with generous grilled chicken breast. At first, I saw this big white round thing that I thought was cheese, and got shocked as it was very big for cheese size and I never like cheese. Turns out it was soft boiled egg. Hehe. 
The Tender beef steak was served with mashed potato and black pepper sauce. It was ok, the meat was indeed tender. My chicken supreme was basically a grilled chicken breast served with plain fettuccine and baby beans. I liked the chicken, it has the burn sensation flavor, but I didn't like the fettuccine, It was to dry.  

After we finished our lunch, I looked at the time and we still have some minutes to spare. So I ordered Fresh strawberry tartlets (32k) for dessert. It was yummy. The strawberry was sour but fresh, and I loved the thick crust below. It came in 2 pcs, and I only left 2 bites for my husband to try. =).

I just really loved the ambiance and the design. Even the washroom was very beautiful. I will surely come back. =)

Cafe Bali
Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak
Ph. +62361 736484

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