Monday, July 11, 2011

Swikee Purwodadi

From ULAM, my husband wanted to visit his buyer in Bali. I can't remember where it was, but on our way back from that place, I saw Swikee Purwodadi in the side of the road. I never try it in Jakarta, so we stopped by before went back to hotel. 

We quickly ordered Bahkut sayur asin (16.5k), Kodok masak pedas (23.5k) and Cah sayur hijau (10k). We asked for 1 rice to share as we were still very full from our lunch at ULAM. The Bahkut sayur asin was very very very salty, i guessed the cook mistakenly put in too much salt. I was not really into any kinds of other meat except chicken, beef, lamb, and I didn't took to much pork. But Swikee Purwodadi was quite famous in Jakarta, so I wanted to try the frog. The only frog meat I ever ate was the one at Jun Njan and it was delicious to the last bite. The one in Purwodadi was so so, I let my husband finished them. Hehe 

Swikee Purwodadi
Jl. Teuku Umar

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