Friday, July 1, 2011

Bakmi Aloi

I am not a morning person. Every morning, I need help from my blackberry to wake me up and it needed 2 snoozes to finally got me up from bed. I was very happy knowing yesterday was public holiday so I didn't need my blackberry alarm as I could wake up at any time I want to. Yet, in the morning, without any help, I woke up at 6am and can't managed to get my self back to sleep. Jeezzz! I stayed in bed for another 1 hour before I wake my husband forcing him to go breakfast together while he was still sleepy. I'm such an evil. Hahaha!

We were actually thinking to go to Mie Baji Pamai at kelapa Gading, but as my husband had appointment at 10am, we decided to just go somewhere nearer. So we went to Bakmi Aloi at PIK. Every Sunday, when I passed Bakmi Aloi on my way to fresh market PIK, I always saw a lot of cars parked in front of the ruko. Yesterday my curiosity was answered. 

The place was crowded. We were lucky there was 1 empty table when we arrived. They have quite several selections for noodles and we can choose the portion from half portion, 1 portion or 1,5 portion. I chose half portion of Bakmi Rica-rica komplit with chicken+chasiu+mushroom (20k). My husband wanted to ordered the same one but 1,5 portion, luckily I didn't let him as the 1 portion itself already so big (1 portion 23k). I got shocked when it came. My half portion was also like 1 portion of other restaurant's noodle. They were generous on the portion. We added beef meatball (9k), fried meatball (13,5k) and fried dumpling (3k). The noodle was delicious, as the one we ordered was Rica-rica so it was spicy and kinda sweet just like rica-rica flavor supposed to be. It was yummy and we loved the fried dumpling, they put it in the table inside a jar so we can just grab them our self and let them know how many we took. The beef meatball was ok but I didn't really like the fried meatball, it has this oil smell. 

Beef meatball
Fried meatball
It will be my pleasure to come back here for another breakfast. =)

Bakmi Aloi
Ruko Cordoba Blok A
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Open: 6am - 9pm

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