Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ni Hao

My Mother in law was visiting to Jakarta and on her last day in town, we took her dining at a Chinese restaurant near Pasar Baru area. I didn't even know the place, but my brother in law often came here. The restaurant was moderate with bright light and they were still using this red old chair where mostly founded at small chinese dine place. 

It was weekday night but the place was almost full. I didn't put too much expectation on the food as I never even heard about this place before, but turns out most of the menus we ordered were delicious.

Fried prawn w/ golden salted egg (68k). This one was my favorite of the night. The prawns were nicely cooked so we can feel the crunchiness and the salted egg really blended in.

Whole wrapped salted "Kampoeng" Chicken NH style (140k). It was wrapped in a tin foil and grilled in flame in front us. It was standard. Ok but not to that extend. To me, it was not worth the price.

Bamboo clam with Singapore sauce (48k). This was also favorite of the night. The sauce was delicious.

Braised seafood with homemade beancurd (58k)

String bean szechuan style (32k). It was nice, the string bean was crunchy and fresh.

There was also Fried seafood noodle (39k) but I forgot to took the picture. Overall, it was a pleasant dine. At the end of our dinner, we were given complimentary of ginger pudding, it was quite ok, refreshing. 

Ni Hao
Jl. KH Samanhudi No. 57
Ph. +6221 3800448

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