Monday, June 6, 2011

Tin Pan Alley

Me and my friend went to Tin Pan Alley on Saturday afternoon. It was around 2pm when we reached there. As it was located in office building and was not in lunch time, no wonder the place was empty. Only had 3 tables filled beside ours. Like the name, the restaurant it self did located and designed like an alley.

We just ate Rujak Kolam at ITC so we were kinda full and skipped the appetizers. I chose Mushroom stuffed chicken breast (69k) for my late lunch. The sauce was supposed to be cream cheese, but as I didn't eat cheese, I asked the waiter to change to mushroom sauce. It was good. It was fried chicken breast stuffed with mixed vegetables and chopped mushrooms, accompanied with mashed potatoes and steam beans and carrots. 

My friend chose Grandma's Fried Chicken (75k), breaded chicken fillet topped with mushroom sauce and accompanied with mashed potatoes and steam vegetables. It was also good. The beverages, classic and strawberry lemonade was refreshing. 

They have a 50% promotion on food using particular credit card that my friend happen to have. Yay! So it was a good lunch with a good 50% deal. =)

Tin Pan Alley 
Thamrin Nine Podium Lobby Fl
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 10
ph. +6221 30007881


Stevenny said...

I'd read ur blogs before I went to this place for review; and knows what? U never craved for tin pan alley before u tried their aloha burger

Ivy said...

thanks for the tips. I will put in note to try their aloha burger :)