Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Me and hubby were having dinner at Pesto with friends on Saturday night. Even it had opened for quite some time, I haven't been there before. The place was quite crowded, luckily my friend had called earlier for reservation. But still we ended to get a smoking section as the non smoking one was only available in another half to one hour. We were hungry so we didn't mind to sit in the smoking area.  

I love the ambiance and the interior design. It was spacious with dim light and they had a big open kitchen near the enter. Since it was italian restaurant, we were given a basket of complimentary bread. We began to order. We skipped the appetizer and straight ordering main course. After we finished ordering, the waiter asked us whether we want to try their pizza while waiting for the main course to come. We said no and regret it later as the main course turns out took quite time to be served.

Mixed grilled medallion and sausage with fresh salad and potato gratin (78k). It was a fillet of beef and lamb with pork sausage. They put the fresh salad inside fried dumpling that was made like a bowl. The dumpling were crunchy and delicious. The beef and lamb didn't suite my taste. It was lump of mincemeat, and the lamb was very smelly, but the pork sausage was nice and I loved the potato gratin. 

Grilled baby pork ribs served with roasted baby potatoes and aragula (149k). I'm not a fan of pork ribs, even the one at Tony's, so I didn't really like this one either, but my hubby and my friend who ordered this said that it was good. The baby potatoes were well fried and well seasoned.

Grilled 200gr rib eye steak with fresh salad and baby potatoes (165k). It came with black pepper sauce. It was good. The meat was juicy and tender. 

I must say and that I enjoyed my dinner there and loving the ambiance. I will be coming back to try on their pizza since I saw quite many have pizzas on their table. 

*photos of interior was courtesy of Pesto.com
Thamrin Nine, UG floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 10
Ph. +6221 29937230

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