Monday, June 6, 2011

Rujak Kolam

I am not a fan of Rujak, the only rujak that I liked was the one near my house as the seller didn't crunch the peanuts into small pieces, they left the peanuts in big chunks and condensed, not as watery as most Rujak's. This Rujak Kolam had become my second favorite Rujak. I found this place accidentally when I was doing my shopping at ITC. It was very crowded, many people were queuing and I was curious.

It was as delicious as the one sold near my house. Same like that, the peanuts was also crunch in big chunks and not watery. It was quite expensive for a plate of Rujak (25k), but very worth it. 

Rujak Kolam
ITC Mangga Dua 3rd floor 
Below Pusat Butik 4A (down from escalator in front of "Supermodel" boutique)
Jakarta Utara

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