Monday, June 6, 2011

Sriayudhya Seafood Market

My husband and I went for a short trip to Bangkok recently. It was a business trip so we didn't have many chances to do food hunting. =( 
One night, a friend of my husband told us that we must try this popular seafood named Somboon Seafood. As he said that it was not far from the hotel we stayed in, we took Tuk Tuk there. The Tuk Tuk driver claimed to know the place, but after a 5 minutes ride, he took us to different seafood place. He finally admit he didn't know where Somboon was. Sigh! As we were starving, so we went along to the one this Tuk Tuk driver took us, that he claimed to be the best seafood in town. 

The place was empty when we came, it was a big restaurant and there were only 2 tables filled. There was a section where we can chose the seafood directly. We ordered Steam blood clam, grilled BBQ squid, chilli lemon fish ponfret, BBQ prawn and a plate of mixed vegetables.They were all delicious! The clams were big, not small ones like we mostly had in Jakarta's seafood place. The squid was grilled perfectly, the fish ponfret's broth was tasty, very refreshing with sour and sweet taste. They gave us chilli garlic with lemon for the dipping sauce, it was perfect but quite expensive. I cannot recall the individual price, but the total bill was 3067 bath, around IDR 920,000. It was worth it. 

Steam blood clam

Mixed Vegetables

BBQ Prawn

Grilled Squid

Chilli Lemon Fish Ponfret

Sriayudhya Seafood Market
Si Ayutthaya Road
Bangkok, Thailand
ph. +66 022455247

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Pegasus Sinbkk said...

It is likely a scam. Your cab driver gets a commission from that restaurant. The price paid was over normal for that order.