Monday, June 6, 2011

Bangkok Jam

My family and I went to Emporium mall to grab something to eat. My mom said that she wanted to try Pancious as it was recently opened there. When we reached there, the place were crowded and we were told there were 8 groups before we can get our table, so we decided to eat somewhere else. I remember I saw my friend status' at her BBM about Bangkok Jam, so I asked my family to dine there. It was Thursday night, and even it was not as crowded as Pancious, but the place was also kind of full.

I like the interior, it was all white with touch of black. Minimalist classic. Here was what we ordered:

Thai fish cake (32.5k) - directly become the unfavorable dish for the night. 

Chicken deep fried in pandanus leaves (29.5k) - We were surprised when the chicken came as it was so small and only 5 pcs, luckily there were 5 of us only. It was so so.. Regular fried boneless chicken.

The next dish came to table was Sapo soya bean curd with vegetables (38.5k). Another surprise on how small the portion was. Sigh... It was tasteless, the tofu was not like soft japanese tofu that mostly founded in sapo. 

When the Seafood in red Tom Yam (42.5k) came, again we were surprised of how small was the portion. I even double confirmed to the waiter whether it was large size one, as it came with options of small or large bowl and we chose large one. I wonder how tiny will it be for the small bowl. The large portion was more like for 2 - 3 people to share, as there were 5 of us, we only get to taste 3 soup spoon each. How sad. Anyway, the soup was more like sayur asem rather than tom yam and only have 3 shrimps, 2 squids and chunks of mushrooms (yes, I memorized it to show how sad the soup was).Too bad I forgot to took the pic. 

The only dish we liked that night was the Gurami topped with fiery chilli and pinneaple sauce (15k/ounce). We ordered 7 ounces so it was enough to share among us. The sauce was nice. 

Our rice had long gone before the Mixed fried vegetables w/ garlic sauce (29.5k) came. It took around 15 minutes after we finished the last dish for the vegetables to finally delivered. And funny thing our appetizer of spicy papaya salad w/ soft shell crab (29.5k turns out to be dessert as it came the latest.

The restaurant had been opened for around 2 months, but surely the service need to be improved. The rice was putted in a rattan basket, and my husband was plating it into each of our plates. After he finished plating it in the last plate, the rice left in the basket was still enough for 1 portion and the waiter just directly took it away without asking... She walked so fast that I even had to shouted to ask her to just put the basket in the table and not took it away first. I saw the table beside ours was angrily speaking to the restaurant manager that it took so long for their orders to be served. I guess 2 months opening was not enough for them to polish the service.

Bangkok Jam
Emporium Mall 4th Floor
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya

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