About Ivy's Life

Ivy's Life is a blog written about anything that happen in my life and society that interest me. I enjoy writing and this blog seems to be the right place to fill my passion about writing, fashion, food and traveling. Enjoy! =)

10 facts about Ivy:
1. I'm a family girl. Nothing really matters to me besides them.
2. Internet is a primary need for me.
3. A FRIENDS series freak. I watched the movie more than 50 times and still counting. I remember each and every single episodes, no kidding.
4. Over think about anything..
5. A private person. Occasional solitude is important to me.
6. Not into crowds. I prefer intimate meals with people close to me rather than bunch of people I don't really know.
7. I never forget people's kindness.
8. Hate flying, love traveling.
9. I love driving and can't imagine if I can't drive.
10. My purpose in life is simple, to have my own family and to be happy.

For any inquiry or if you wish to use any image or content of Ivy's life, please link back to this blog or write to me at ivy9_in@yahoo.com.




Williem Utomo said...

Love your post and now its in my bookmark

Keep up the good work. Really insightful

Williem Utomo said...

Love your foodie blogs
Keep up the good work. Its on my bookmark now...

Pls have more reviews on medan restaurants. Love my childhood place


Ivy said...

Thank you :)

adhiwidi said...

I like food, and many food photo in your blog is lezatttt



jpratita said...

Malam kak suka banget sama blognya :)
Inspired me to start my own :) Hehehe
Please kindly visit and it would really be an hobour kalo bisa di masukkin di list food blogs di blog kakak hehehe
Here's the link: pengembararasa.blogspot.com
Thanks a lot before :)

Hanggono Okamura Silitonga said...

Salam kenal ivy, aku direkomendasiin sama temenku untuk baca2 culinary di blog mu

Indraz Setyawati said...

Its so awesome blog. Kereeen deh. Tulisannya bagus foto2 nya kece. Keep up the good work.

Muhammad Rizky said...

salam kenal kak, kunjungin web aku juga dong www.tukangjalan-jalan.blogspot.com hehehe sebagai sesama blogger culiner dan wisata

heilis zaldivar said...

hi ivy i would like to contact u bcos i would like if u could make a review about my restaurant! can u email me to liszaldivar@gmail.com !

Heru Lesmana Syafei said...

Hi Ivy,
Decide to leave some words here, after reading your single post about Scandinavian Coffee just to say hello.
Nice to know this insightful culinary blog, I love your way on writing.

Ivy said...

@heru: Hello! Thank you :)

Yen Chan said...

Hello kak ivy, aku boleh minta contact personal kakak gak ? line , whatsapp, BBM or email ? soalnya aku mau undang kakak untuk mencoba restaurant ramen di kawasan green garden (: Thx !

Felin Syalala said...

Hi Ivy :)
Your blog is really awesome.
I've linked your blog on mine and I really hope you would link mine on yours :)
Please kindly visit