Monday, April 28, 2014

Eric Kayser Indonesia

It took 11 days to finally open my laptop again. A rare thing as logged on to it is like my first five things to do every morning after I wake up. These couple months has been tiring. I even just got off on being hospitalized for three days. I guess I tried to tell my self that I wasn't tired, but the physic can't lie. Finishing writing some of the pending posts, but after this, blogging might comes a bit slow. Mentally, physically, I need a break.

Friday, April 11, 2014

[CLOSED] Hokkaido Fish Market Muara Karang Jakarta

Muara Karang is one of THE food destination in North, especially for people who live nearby the area. However, the place mostly crowded with Medanese or Chinese cuisine, so when Hokkaido fish market open its door, it definitely took people's attention. If you ever go to the one in Novena Square Singapore, yes, this one is the same.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

HOWEY Patisserie Medan

Howey patisserie specializes in French cakes and pastries. The chef owner, Howey Howard started his patisserie career at the age of 20. Found his passion in making breads and cakes during tertiary study, he then decided to pursue further patisserie skill at Le Cordon Bleu, Australia. Graduated and experienced in several fine establishments, Howey flew back to his home town in Medan to open his french patisserie.(quoted from the website). 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hotel Reviews: Grand Swiss Belhotel Medan

Grand Swiss Belhotel is one of the chosen hotel for tourist. The international 5 stars business hotel is adjacent to Cambridge Shopping Mall, making their guests conveniently easy to do some shopping or looking for places to eat. Aside from that, the hotel itself located in a walking distance to Sun Plaza, one of Medan's largest shopping mall and only five minutes drive to the famous Bolu Meranti. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ivy's Travel: Medan Trip Part 2

Moving on to another must eat when you are in Medan. According to my uncle who stays in Medan, On Do who serves grilled Batak cuisine is one of the most crowded place in Medan during lunch time. Even one of my followers in instagram who kind enough to give some foodie suggestions also told me that I should, no matter what pay a visit to On Do. The cuisine mostly known as Saksang, savory spicy dish made from pork or dog (eewww we stick with only the pork) meat stewed in blood, coconut milk and spices.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ivy's Travel: Medan Trip Part 1

Last week I went to Medan with my entire small family during QingMing period. If you are not aware of what is Qing Ming or mostly known as Cheng Beng, it's the day for remembering and honoring to one's ancestors. Normally, people will go to the graves of their departed ones and pay respect.

I was born in Medan, yet I know so little of the city. My parents moved to Jakarta when I was a baby, age 1 to be exact. Ever since, I have only flew back once when my grandma passed away around 15 years ago.

The trip was short, and though I practically had no childhood memories or whatsoever about the city, it was nice to pay visit, to see around the town I was born in. Since there are 6 of us, our relatives lend us a car with driver for us to look around. Mom and Dad took us to our first home, and along the way, mom and dad shared memory stories of their hometown.
They still regularly flew back to Medan at least once a year, but it was our first time the whole fam along with hubs and my sis in law flew back together, so the trip felt different. It was so sweet to see my parents happy faces when they poke each other whenever they bumped into the old streets or the place they used to go. Nothing beats childhood memories, right?