Thursday, April 10, 2014

HOWEY Patisserie Medan

Howey patisserie specializes in French cakes and pastries. The chef owner, Howey Howard started his patisserie career at the age of 20. Found his passion in making breads and cakes during tertiary study, he then decided to pursue further patisserie skill at Le Cordon Bleu, Australia. Graduated and experienced in several fine establishments, Howey flew back to his home town in Medan to open his french patisserie.(quoted from the website). 

Their cakes and pastry are meant for take away only. There were couple of tables outside but doesn't really suited as a decent space for dine in. Pity, as the place would be great for an afternoon tea. Btw, I had a not so good experience while I was taking pictures of the cakes at the tables outside. The flooring is some sort of parquet look a like. I didn't really pay attention at first as I was focusing on getting a proper shot, but as I was taking pictures, I couldn't help but feeling itchy on my both legs, at first I thought it was just mosquitoes, but as it gotten itchier, I began to pay close details and turns out the floor has so many red ant!!! I ran as fast as I could, but they have bitten the hell of me. Incase you don't know how it feels bitten by RED ant, Painfully itch! 

Cacao (35k)
Cacao is a flourless chocolate cake with caramelized almond and chocolate ganache, and it was simply faultless. I normally not too fond of chocolate cake, but Howey make it just right, not too heavy and not overly sweet as they use dark chocolate as the ingredients.

Salted Caramel Tarte (35k)
It's hard to choose a favorite as I simply think all of them were more than good, but being a caramel sweet tooth, I probably enjoy the salted caramel tarte the most. I like how the outside pastry was in the right consistency, not easily break but also quite easy to cut. The inside filled with gooey caramel which a bit sweet but overall still okay paired with the chocolate ganache. I also like the additional of sea salt they used.

Noir (35k)
Noir is another flourless chocolate cake with crunchy crushed praline, dark chocolate mousse with chocolate glaze on the top. We actually took this away and I only ate it the next day without putting it inside the refrigerator, so it was kept only in air con room temperature. It melt, obviously, but it was still so good. I remember using my fingers dabbing on the melted chocolate. It was soft, moist and not overly sweet with the crunchy crushed praline. 

We also bought their walnut brownie and tiramisu. I didn't had the chance to try as my sneaky brother took them to his room and finished them before I could taste a bite, he said it was good though. Anything with chocolate works for him.

Macaron (10k/pc)
I would say their macaron priced at 10k is quite cheap and good. It was delicate. They have excellent technique, the macaron shape is perfect, it's crisp on the outside and chewy soft on the inside. The ones with fruits were using their home made fruit preserves.

It's sad the wonderful pastry selections doesn't come with proper place to dine in and one even bothering me the most, the lack of good service. The staff behind counter was easily rude, unfriendly, super rushing us to quickly order, pay and leave.

Nevertheless, if I have the chance to visit Medan again one day, I will not hesitate to drop by at Howey. Hopefully by that time the service and overall cleanness had improved.

Howey Patisserie
Jl. Babura Lama No. 4
Ph. +6261 77702688
Opening hours: Daily 08.30am - 21.30pm

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