Friday, April 11, 2014

[CLOSED] Hokkaido Fish Market Muara Karang Jakarta

Muara Karang is one of THE food destination in North, especially for people who live nearby the area. However, the place mostly crowded with Medanese or Chinese cuisine, so when Hokkaido fish market open its door, it definitely took people's attention. If you ever go to the one in Novena Square Singapore, yes, this one is the same.

The place itself as seen from the outside is spacious. It's a bit standard compare to how it look from the outside, but they did mention the second floor will be in full operation soon and the design will be much fancier than the first floor.  

Taken after our dinner when most of the guests had left
Looking at the menu, it comes with choices of bento set, donburi (beef, fish and chicken), sashimi and yakitori. The price tag is quite affordable, nothing more than 150k except for the sashimi platter which is based on the market price. 

It was obvious they rushed on the opening, seeing how the staffs were lack of product knowledge and the serving took more time than it should be, so long that they feel the need to bring us complimentary snack. It was irritating, but anyhow it was during their soft opening and the place was super crowded, so I guess it is understandable. 

We tried their 5 kinds sashimi platter (400k) comes with salmon, hotate, hamachi, tako and fresh prawn. It was okay, though it wasn't the best.

It's not on the menu, but fish lovers, I do recommend the dish. Hubs saw the fresh fish selections, chose the mackerel and asked them to grill it. It was really good. The fish was fresh and perfectly grilled.
It took us by surprise when the bill came and saw the grilled mackerel was only 100k. Super cheap! Even the fish is not an expensive fish category, but seeing the size and the freshness, we thought they will charge it higher. 

I would say their yakitori is one of the best I've had. I honestly didn't expect them to be that good. The pork belly (15k/pc) was super huge and fat! in a good way! Our chicken yakitori (10k/pc) came in chunky size too. All of them were tender and marinated well.

To be honest, the sashimi might not be my reason to come back, but I WOULD definitely be back for their grilled fish and yakitori.

Hokkaido Fish Market
Muara Karang Raya Blok D7 Utara No. 201
(Across AW Restaurant)
North Jakarta
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

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Melvina Jansen said...

Very expensive. Not worthed. Bad service. We ordered pork katsu but came out chicken katsu. After we complained the waiter still insisted as pork. Not recommended at all. Sushi Masa much much better and worthed. The Salmon teriyaki was way more expensive and nothing special.