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Ivy's Travel: Medan Trip Part 2

Moving on to another must eat when you are in Medan. According to my uncle who stays in Medan, On Do who serves grilled Batak cuisine is one of the most crowded place in Medan during lunch time. Even one of my followers in instagram who kind enough to give some foodie suggestions also told me that I should, no matter what pay a visit to On Do. The cuisine mostly known as Saksang, savory spicy dish made from pork or dog (eewww we stick with only the pork) meat stewed in blood, coconut milk and spices.

The place is a house turned into a humble restaurant. We reached there at 3pm and the place was super packed. The owner, a well preserved Chinese woman who married with Korean husband is very friendly, greeted us kindly to wait for a while before getting a table. The business had run for 9 years and they don't open any branch elsewhere. 

Around 30 minutes of waiting, we were seated and practically ordered almost everything. :D Hungry from the not fulfilling enough breakfast, we had our table full with all kinds of grilled Batak's cuisine. The cuisine mostly known as Saksang, savory spicy dish made from pork or dog (eewww we stick with only the pork) meat stewed in blood, coconut milk and spices. You might be disgusted when you first hear the word stewed in blood, but not to worry as it look and tasted almost like rendang. To make it short, everything on the table was delicious!

After that, I insisted to make a stop at one of Medan's patisserie. The location at Babura Lama not exactly like what I've seen in their website. The place is nice, but not as fancy as in their web. The cakes & pastry selections are all meant for take away, so there are no decent space for dine in. I'll post a separate individual post on Howey, so for this one, I'll just post some of the pictures. All I can say is we bought 5 types of cakes and half dozen of macaroons and none of them failed. All tasted more than good.

Read more on Howey Patisserie.

We also have smoked grilled duck, if you like duck, you have to try this. Dad often bring this home when he go to Medan, when I finally have the chance to eat it on the spot, the taste was even yummier. The duck was super tender. The popular one located at Lubuk Pakam area, near Kuala Namu airport, so it was a good idea to have it as soon when you touch down or before departing Medan, as the distance from the city to Lubuk Pakam needs around 45 mins. We had ours at RM. Yong Tin, but there are quite few in the area too.

Of course, for something to bring back to your home town, Medan has a lot to offer, from their famous Bika Ambon, pancake durian, Bolu Meranti, Passion fruit syrup and many more.

Bolu Meranti roll cakes 
(chocolate, mocca, cheese, blueberry, pineapple, strawberry, etc) 50k - 75k
Jl. Kruing No. 2K, Medan
Ph. +6261 4538217
Open: Daily 9am - 5pm

Still the best roll cakes I've ever had. Moist, generous of cream, super soft. There's another one brand which I also like, but didn't get the chance to buy on this trip due to time constraint. It's called Jennifie (Jl. Airlangga, ph. +6261 4560787), they sell roll cakes too, but with more variety like blackforest and tiramisu roll cakes.

Durian Pancake Koki'N (1 box 90k for 10pc)
Jl. Kruing No. 2D
Ph. +6261 77260077/ +62811640263
(3 shops away from Bolu Meranti. The store name: ROOM)

It's tricky to know which durian pancake is the best as there are tons of sellers claiming theirs are the best. Many people like to go to Durian House as it is the largest store in Medan, but I've tried them and didn't think it was good as it has too much cream instead of the durian itself. If you have relatives in Medan, they will often tell you the best pancake durian is the one sold at Nelayan restaurant. It is indeed yummy, but pricey 35k for 2 small pcs.
I'm so beyond happy when one of Mom's relatives told us the place who supply the pancake to Nelayan. Well, at least that's the rumor and the store did let us see the certificate. True or not, it's the best pancake durian I've had so far. They sell 2 types, pandan with cream or original with durian only. Both were super good!

So, Medan... I'll see you when I see you. 

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Ivy's Life Medan trip
March 28 - 30th, 2014. 

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