Monday, April 28, 2014

Eric Kayser Indonesia

It took 11 days to finally open my laptop again. A rare thing as logged on to it is like my first five things to do every morning after I wake up. These couple months has been tiring. I even just got off on being hospitalized for three days. I guess I tried to tell my self that I wasn't tired, but the physic can't lie. Finishing writing some of the pending posts, but after this, blogging might comes a bit slow. Mentally, physically, I need a break.

It was several Sunday ago and I was feeling 60:40. Having the extra 20%, I refused to stay home and resulted into a good brunch with my hero, the wonder woman, the woman who is always right, my mom. Aging by number, but at heart, I always am my mom's little girl. A day off with mom, just the two of us, is by far one of my joy in life.

Eric Kayser seemed to be the perfect choice that day. Started with the free of charge breads and a cup of Long black (27k), mom's of course. I don't do coffee and rarely drink tea. Water or a plain iced tea has always suited me more. 

Anyway, since I wasn't feeling too well, I didn't pay much attention on the menu so without even asking further, I just nodded when she recommended me Croque Monsieur (95k). I should have known better that those kind of sandwich would definitely comes with cheese, and yes... there it was chunk slices of cheese tucked under the smoked beef ham. Mom, happen to be like me... Or perhaps it suited more to say, I, happen to be like Mom, both are not fond of cheese. We even couldn't stand the smell. So, pardon, I couldn't comment on the dish as the opinion would totally be bias.

The Spaghetti avec sauce a l'ail (72k), aglio olio tossed with zesty herbs and chilli flakes, we added 25k for king prawns as the toppings. Perfectly cooked, crunch fresh prawns, beautiful seasoning, comes with my favorite arugula leaves. The only downside was the tiny portion.

Have I mentioned their breads and cakes' selections are pretty impressive? Baguette, croissant, rye, eclairs, macs, and their iconic lemon tart. I once sampled the lemon tart during a visit to Kayser in HK. So this time, I decided to go with their chocolate eclairs (40k) and half dozen of macarons (80k). Happy to say that I chose wisely. The desserts was a sweet good ending to our brunch.

So Kayser, thank you for the lovely brunch. 
Signing off, 
Eric Kayser
Plaza Senayan level 3rd 
(next to Bakerz In)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, South Jakarta

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