Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hog's Breath Cafe Indonesia

Steak lovers, be happy, coz Hog's Breath, the well known Australia Steakhouse is finally opening their first outlet here in Jakarta! In case you are not aware of the brand, they are huge in Australia with more than 80+ outlets counting since the first establishment on 1989. Their specialty and main focus is to bring the best prime rib steaks for the customers. Along the years, they complement the signature dish with other variety of menu, making them one of the place to go for meat lovers. 

When you think of Hog's Breath, think of Hard Rock, TGI Friday'sOutback and Tony Roma's. All five have the same similarity in the menu and dining ambiance concept. The slightly difference is Hog's really does focusing more on having the best prime rib that can't be found anywhere else. It shows on how the menu comes with 8 choices of the prime rib steak itself and they use a grain fed slow cooked for the prime rib to ensure the tenderness. For people who doesn't eat beef, worry free, as there is also on the menu pork bbq ribs, chicken steak, lamb shank, fish & chips, seafood, burger, spaghetti, sandwich and salad.

Like the others good old steak place, Hog's offers a casual dining concept. Expect to see wooden table seating, wall frames showing their proudness of Australia, colorful car's plates at the walls, and of course what a casual steak restaurant without a bar?
I like how they try to make a difference with little bottle recycle as flower vase, the red and white scooter at one side and a huge of signage "The best a steak can get".

I love veggie. I eat salad and all those green veggies, but I could never in a million years be a Vegan. Don't get me wrong, I admire people who are Vegetarian, a lot. But, the idea of me being vegan has never crossed my mind. For me, life without meat will sound more like a life without music. 

Seeing how it's their specialty, I ordered the Calamari prime rib steak (228k) from their prime rib's selections. All the steaks come in three serving sizes, lite cut being the smallest, regular as medium and boss hog for large. I would really recommend all of you to go for lite cut as the portion is huge enough! Anyone who even dare to have the boss hog is mentally crazy. When my plate was served, I honestly got a panic attack. The portion was humongous my mind start to think "Shoot, look at all those cholesterol!".I mean, even though YOLO, but I do want to YOLO in a healthy body. Forget what I say about going for lite cut size on your visit, go with a friend and have the lite cut size for share!!

First I love those curly fries! I personally always like curly fried fries or those kinds of waffle shape fries like Wendy's. Way better than normal french fries. It is salted and well fried, crunchy and crisp. The fried calamari was great, light battered and juicy. This is how people should fried things. The steamed veggie was perfect, fresh and the corn was watery sweet. I asked for black pepper sauce for my prime rib. The meat was succulent on the first few bites, but getting dry quite fast. I think if they put butter on the top of the steak will help on keeping the meat moist.

My bestie went for their Fish N Chips (88k). Lightly battered fish fillet served with curly fries, tartar sauce and salad. You see how the fish was nicely fried? I have to give this place a good score for how they fried things. It was not oily at all. The fish was actually okay, but I think anyone who ever taste the one from Fish & Co would have a bias opinion towards other fish n chips in town, right? None beats Fish & Co's chips!

Our favorite of the day went to the Macho Nacho (78k). The crisp tortilla chips was sicken good! Stacked with melted cheese, chilli con carne and topped with Mexicana salsa with sour cream and guacamole. They were awesome. It was the only plate finished empty.  

Most of these kinds of steakhouse has always left me a certain feeling, of how they are the kind of place reliable enough to serve you a decent taste of steak with a portion big enough to make you bloated that you swore you won't be eating there again, but then without you realize, comes the craving and just like that, another visit.

BTW, If you are one of the people with World Cup's fever, you can make Hog's as one of the venue to watch the match. They have a big screen and more than enough finger lickin' nachos to accompany you during the game. Go and enjoy their hogspitality! 

So, the election day is in three more days. Don't forget to vote! Thank you! 

Hog's Breath Cafe
Central Park Mall, Tribeca Park GF #15
Jl. S.Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 53662815

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