Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Royal Stag Bistro Bandung

If you are into British culture, The Royal Stag Bistro in Bandung would impress you. It's located hidden from the main street but once you turn into the alley, you will spot the place immediately. It's a big house turn into a classy restaurant. I absolutely adore the whole black and white color.From outside, it looks like a big classic ranch. 

The inside was gorgeous. Everything is just so pretty! I love the high ceiling, the beautiful chandeliers, the big windows and oh those vintage tiles! I also like one of the corner where they have these vintage furniture with rustic wall paper. It's like one of that beautiful big house in the suburb. A very classic well decorated house. Man, this would be such a great background for photo shoots.

Look at these corners!

Moving on to the food! 

The bistro covers variety of British menu, from Scotch eggs, Beef wellington to Banger & Mash within an affordable price range. I love how cafes in Bandung comes with beautiful designs but still in the pocket friendly price range.
We had the Mushroom Pie (37.5k) for entree. It has three kinds of mushrooms as the pie filling, and it was very generous one. The pie pastry was okay, good thickness of custard. I love the mushrooms filling, moist and well done on the seasoning part.

For main course, Hubs went with Baron roast beef (119.5k). It came with slices of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and salad served with gravy. Sadly, it was disappointing. The meat was okay but the puddings were not. Just by the look of it, it obvious how dry it was. The texture was hard and dry.

Luckily for me, my main course, Saint Gothard's steak (119.5k) was very satisfying. Grilled sirloin served with chips, vegetables with onion gravy. I asked the waiter to change the veggies to sauteed spinach and it paired well with the steak. I simply love it. The meat was tender and the chips were nicely seasoned. Everything on my plate that day was nicely cooked and served.

To be honest, the food might not be too memorable. They are not the type of food which will make you die die want to come back for second visit, but the place? Stunning! I couldn't help to not awing the entire place. It amazes me how beautiful the place is start from the outside, inside and even the bathroom. Look at the gorgeous terrace, I adore those big black windows, the antique chairs and lamps. Royal Stag Bistro is seriously one of the most beautiful design cafe in Bandung. 

Royal Stag Bistro
Jl. Bukit Dago Utara No. 2
Dago, Bandung
Ph. +6222 2501595
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm
Directions: From Hotel Jayakarta in dago at your left, go straight and not far from there, you will see a signage of Royal Stag Bistro, just turn left. 

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