Friday, July 4, 2014

Shirokuma Pantai Indah Kapuk

Being someone who doesn't into any kinds of matcha, my visit to Shirokuma was really more on satisfying my self curiosity over the new kid on the block. But I'm glad how I turn out to be enjoying the desserts a little bit more than what I expected. When I was there several days ago for a foodie date, I was surprised to find how packed the place was during our visit. We barely got seats! On Tuesday noon! It was shocking to learn how there are huge serious matcha lovers here in Jakarta!

I didn't really pay much attention on the overall design mostly because I was distracted over a very fun talks with Hans, the foodie who turns out to be a hilarious fun guy. All I remember the place is quite colorful, with murals at one side of the walls and white windows look a like door to separate smoking and non smoking area. They have two storey but the upstairs' seats are not open for public yet.

The Shiratama parfait (35k) is not heavenly good but enough to be my like of the day. The base toppings are red beans, crispy corn flakes, matcha jelly and some kind of chewy balls. As for the ice cream, we could choose vanilla, matcha or twist. We went for the twist. I liked everything inside the parfait except the chewy balls due to its blandness. What I do like is how the matcha tasted very light and not bitter, unlike the type of matcha ice cream normally found on Taiwanese desserts.

I'm more like a matcha virgin, so i'm not too sure which kind is better, but if you are someone who likes softer texture and light kind of matcha ice cream, this one will suit you. I liked the vanilla flavor too, it didn't comes with overpowering milk taste.

The Deep fried oreos (29k) was alright. Fried dough with oreo inside dusted with icing sugar and choices of soft ice cream on the side. The thickness of the dough was good, not too thick so it balances well with the oreo crust inside. Oh yes, the ice cream served at Shirokuma are all soft cream type, make sure you eat it right away as it melts very quick.

We also had the savory bites, Japadog, shorts for Japanese hotdog. Comes with several options, we decided to go with Tonkatsu Dog (45k). Basically it's a toasted butter bun with battered sausages, tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo. I like how the battered sausage was crunchy fried and how the toasted bread spread with rich butter. 

I don't know if I was hungry or delighted by the companion, you know, good friend makes good lunch, but I happen to like every single items that we ordered. To be frank, the food doesn't have that kind of addictive aftertaste, but on some levels, it exceed my expectation. Here's a cheers for more dessert place at PIK!

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No.32
(Next to P&B)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

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