Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nicole's Kitchen and Lounge

For  a while, Nicole's kitchen and lounge had intrigue me with their beautiful white terrace pictures. So, a few months back, when Mom wanted to go pray at a temple in Puncak, Hubs and I accompanied her and we paid a visit to Nicole's. The location is on the same spot as Brasco factory outlet. It's not hard to find, located at the main street on the way to Puncak. 

To be honest, the place is not like what I had in mind. I pictured a very nice ambiance, cozy venue with a relax beautiful outdoor terrace and amazing fresh air. But when we stepped in, immediately what went through my mind was how regular the place is. I mean, I like the all white furniture they used. Am always a big fan of place with white color domination, but the way they arrange it was more like a casual ordinary restaurant. The outdoor terrace was okay but that's it, just okay, I didn't like how the cushion were a bit dirty while supposeably meant for people to relax in it.

Being judgmental, we only ordered the finger food to avoid more disappointment. We had their Mix fried platter (38k) and Sausages platter (42k) to share. Luckily beyond expectation, though they were mostly packaging food, but tasted pretty decent. Deep fried, well fried, not oily, not flabby, crunchy and crisp. I wouldn't say great, but at least the food taste was okay to compensate on my high expectation about the place. 

Overall I think the place is okay to visit if you happen to have things to do or go around there, but not a place  purposely drive to. 

Nicole's Kitchen and Lounge 
Jl. Raya Cipanas (Hanjawar No.1) 
Kampoeng Brasco Factory Outlet
Cipanas, West Java
Ph. +6287754181433

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