Wednesday, July 23, 2014

La Hoya Gandaria City Jakarta

Being a foodie, I find it hard if anyone ask me what kind of cuisine is my favorite, simply because I see goodness in each and every kinds of them. I would probably choose Chinese for my daily comfort food, but I loveeee Indonesian food, nasi goreng and all the sambals always comes as one of my top picks. Then again, I love Italian for their pizza and pasta, Indian food for their delicious naan bread, Korean for almost everything, Japanese as part of me is a total sushi slut and I have to include Western food because who can resist not having Steak? 

I love trying every kinds of food. Despite of having the weirdest and least favorite cuisine at a Lebanese restaurant in Sabang doesn't stop me from trying all kinds of cuisines. My dream would be to able to taste each cuisines around the world at the country itself. *finger crossed*
Mexican food is not something new for my palate. The three main stars at Mexican food, nachos, taco and fajitas are my favorite. Though for me the one serves the best taco in town is at Taco Local, but Hubs and I often go to Hacienda for Mexican craving. Aside from more variety of choices, their location at Arcadia Senayan suited us more. 

Last week, I was at Gandaria City with my bestie to support my fellow foodie friends, Ellyna, Julia and Hans while they were being guest speaker on Local Taste event and it was a perfect time to scratch La Hoya off from my "to visit" list.

La Hoya located on the main street where other restaurants like Munchies, Pizza E Birra and Fook Yew located. The restaurant itself positioned in an ideal location, in the intersection near the elevator so it was not hard to find. Non smokers would thrilled to find their smoking section is at the outdoor partition with glass door between the indoor area for non smoking section.

Taco De Barbacoa (Beef taco) 73k
Taco filled with pulled beef, beef chorizo, pico de gallo, cabbage and lettuce dressed with mango chipotle sauce, served with guacamole, sour cream and cheddar cheese.
They use soft taco which is my kind of taco option. I like the chewiness in soft taco rather than the crisp one. The beef used on the filling easily make us drooled just by looking at it. Having to taste it after was even better. The meat was succulent and juicy, the green and yellow paprika was a good twist for the crunchiness and overall taste. Comes with three kinds of dipping sauce, guacamole made from fresh avocado, also the salsa tomato and sour cream cheese mayo. I liked the guacamole and salsa but personally I still prefer to dip it with the good old chilli sauce!

Lengua Con Garbanzos (Braised beef tongue) 95k 
The braised beef tongue served over chickpeas with salsa brava.I didn't like this one at all. When I saw beef tongue on the menu, I immediately order it thinking on I will be getting a juicy tender beef tongue. Unfortunately, the pictures on the menu is different with what being served. Instead of dry looking like in the picture, it came with tomato salsa sauce all over the plate. I feel the salsa doesn't go well with the beef, plus the beef was braised too long resulted into way too soft texture.

Las Fajitas (Classic fajitas) 90k 
Grilled chicken breast, served over mixture of paprika and purple onion, accompanied with wheat flour tortillas. The fajitas has two options, beef or chicken. Seeing the other two dishes contain beef already, we chose chicken for this one and it was good. The chicken was nicely cooked, not overly seasoned so we can use the sauce to mix in along with the crunchy paprika and onion wrapped inside the chewy wheat flour tortillas. Yummeh!

I might not be a regular here due to its location is far from where I stay. A bit of intermezzo, it took 2,5 hours for us last week to reach Gandaria City from Pluit. I think as much as I enjoyed my lunch, it would take a lot more than La Hoya to get my ass go through the same pain of numb. But you Southerners, be happy there's a good Mexican restaurant waiting for you nearby.

La Hoya
Mall Gandaria City Ground Flr Unit MG 31-32
Jl. sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29236458

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