Thursday, July 31, 2014

MAMACITA The Wine Kitchen

There are always these places that you just aren't really up to try, probably because of the location, the food or the simple but important fact that their marketing just not great enough on promoting the restaurant itself. For me personally, one of the reasons of why I was not that eager to try Mamacita until several weeks ago is more on their location. The place isn't located in an ideal spot as it is inside the Crystal Lagoon at lower ground of Senayan City. Not the area that mostly people will pass by. The quiet surroundings are excellent though for people who wanted a more intimate meals. 

I was there with my girls for a weekday lunch and the place was empty. I tried my best to not have any negative thoughts towards the fact on how we were the only customers. I loved the dimmed yellow lights they used and the intimate ambiance around. With all that and the complete wine selections, the place could ideally be an option for a romantic dinner spot. The menu covers mostly pasta and pizza, but they also have variety selections of western menu.

Fresh Pink Fettucine (95k)

This pasta was delicious! It was cooked al dente, seasoned beautifully with generous mixture of seafood. The sauce using white wine and tomato. I would definitely order this one again for my next visit. And yes, there will be next visit! 

Fried Calamari (55k) 

The calamari was properly fried. The battered dough was perfect and not oily and I love how the calamari was so tender. Served with tartar sauce.

Grilled Baby Spring Chicken with Mushroom sauce (85k)

This was my order and again I was very satisfied with it. The chicken was cooked perfectly. I love the aromatic scent and how my knife cuts through the meat easily like butter. 

Mamacita Cordon Bleu (90k)

The Cordon Bleu is one of the house specialties. I didn't try this one but the presentation looks very appealing. Nicely battered and when my friend cut the chicken in two, the melted mozarella cheese just burst out nicely. Cheese lovers would be so thrilled. I may not be a fan of Cordon Bleu, but I do know if the cheese could melt like that, it equals to great fried technique.

Seafood White Pizza (95k)

The pizza came with prawn, calamari, mussels and organic baby spinach as the toppings. I just love it when they include green leaves on pizza toppings. Though I prefer Arugula leaves, but the baby spinach was equally nice. To be honest, the first few bites felt standard, but it's funny how we can't stop munching on it. Especially me! I am not ashamed to tell you that I was the one finished all the pizzas. I love the chewy dough based. Later on I found out from my fellow foodie, Daisy that Mamacita is under the same management with Locanda, the new restaurant at Panin Building. 

I know I have been very generous on giving compliments for this post but they deserve it. My girls and I were having a great lunch over fun talks, I think we spent almost 4 hours there. If you love Italian food and enjoy dining in a quiet ambiance, you would most likely love Mamacita.

Mamacita The Wine Kitchen 
Senayan City LG Flr #52, Crystal Lagoon
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 72781477


Stephanie Epiphania said...

boleh tau kisaran harganya ga yah? :)

Ivy said...

Aku kurang inget tapi maksimalnya kayanya 50 - 150rb an u/ main course. :)