Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's vote! For a Better Indonesia

Hello there! =)

July, the election month is here and I'm taking this moment to leave foodie notes aside and share my thoughts on what's on my mind lately. I'm pretty sure many of you noticed on how different this year's presidential campaign. For months, news and social media are filled with updates on the issue.

I had the legal voting age over a decade, but never once I even care to vote. For any election day in Indonesia comes to me as no more than an excitement over a public holiday. Shame. But for so many years, I didn't see any hope how the country could move forward the massive corruption that's been around for so long. This round of presidential election is the first one when I really do care to use my vote. Why? Because I finally see hope for things might change, for somehow Indonesia could be a better country for our next generation. 

I see hope in that one person....

Since the start, I have known for sure which presidential candidate got my vote. I wouldn't be a hypocrite to say that I don't wish the others vote for the same number as mine, but I never once and never will force others or throw negative comments towards other team. For me, the presidential vote is the same as everyone's free choice to choose their religion. It's about someone's faith, someone's choice. If one person believe his/her choice is the best, even if it's against ours, who are we to judge? Or even worse, who are we to even force them to follow our choice. 

I wish people would be able to see the bigger picture, that in the end, all we want is someone who will lead Indonesia to be better, so whoever win the election, let it be accepted in peace and trusting him to do the job.

On the other hand, I honestly think if we want our country to change, we also need to change. Start with using our right to vote and respect everyone's choice without any negative action. Please don't let your vote abstain based on the thought of one vote doesn't really matter, cause it's wrong! Even a single vote could make a difference!


Thank you so much!

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Richard Sutanto said...

yeah...I do think the same with u, this will be my first time voting too..(never care to vote before)

I can see that hope in this one person..(mr. 565694?)

Ivy said...

Yeah I think we are talking abt the same person. :) happy voting and thanks for reading.