Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gan Bei Kitchen Bandung

Gan Bei probably the most interesting spot I went in Bandung so far. The design concept is almost flawless. I love love love how they make the place so Asian with mixture of Japanese influence. It's a huge house turned into a cozy dining. No signage in front which easily mislead you to pass by them.

The house is big on the outside and has several sections on the inside. Their concept is to have each section comes with different designs. Pretty awesome huh? Let me show you some pictures of how Gan Bei looks. I, myself was pretty impressed with it. 

Their design is so unique that I even find the wash room worth to take a shot. 

Purposely taken this in closer shot. Incase you find it hard to read... It says "You're my could've been, should've been, but never was and never will". If you are someone who is mature enough in terms of age, or have settled in a happy marriage, I could say for sure 80% of you would find this saying so true and so relief. I, personally had that someone who could've and should've been, but THANK GOD never was and never will. 

Anyway, enough with the interior and the slightly out of topic writings, now, the food. We had a satisfying lunch here. Judging from the ambiance they offer, I would have thought the price tags would slightly be higher, but it's not, it is so affordable. The menu covers Asian fusion cuisines, I saw Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnam, Japanese, Indian even Western. Taking the concept sharing won't be boring, some of the dishes meant for share but still in affordable price range. 

We had their Thai fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce & pickled cucumber (35k) for starter. I wouldn't say it's the best I had, but the taste was quite alright. 
Moving on to Salted fish fried rice with chicken skin (30k). Well balanced on the seasoning, and the chicken skin was so goood, crisp and salty. Yum! 

The highlight of the meal was their Pork Belly Bao (40k). Made like burger with grilled pork belly on the center along with some tomatoes, cucumber and chopped cabbage. It was very very very gooood. Take it from me who is really not someone who like pork, this one made the justice. The bun was soft, the pork belly was well grilled, nicely marinated, super tender and so juicy. The meat was fat, but not that kind of oily fat thing which normally would make the meat greasy and flabby. This one was cooked in perfection. 

Hubs, the pork hardcore, still mentioned their bao from time to time. Making sure we will go there again the next time we visit Bandung. Hopefully by that time, the overall taste and the grilling technique would still be consistently good.

If you do visit Bandung, I would definitely recommend Gan Bei as one of the diners worth to go. Thank you so much for reading!

Gan Bei Kitchen 
Jl. Hegarmanah No. 12
(Near Hotel Grand Serela Hegarmanah)
Ph. +6222 2041133

Directions: From Rumah Mode factory outlet on your right, walk straight to Mcdonalds, turn left signage Secapa AD, go straight uphill, and look for a red brick house on your left. They have no signage so it might be a bit tricky, but if you pass by Grand Serela hotel on your left, that means you've gone too far, so turn back and keep looking. It's not far from the hotel.

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