Monday, June 9, 2014

The Momo Senopati

MOMO is the newest kid on the block of Senopati. New cafes in the area has been too frequent these couple months, but thankfully MOMO comes with kind of different cuisines on the table. Bringing Izakaya fusion, let me walk you through on what MOMO offers.

The building sturdily stands next to the popular burger in town, Three Buns. I personally love the deep dark brown color on the building exterior, gives a strong classy modern identity.

The whole interior seems to be purposely designed in a simpler way, probably for people to focus more on three of their eye catchy parts, the wall art, the semi glass house, and the classic vintage black and white flooring. Those essential three plus a good lighting in the afternoon makes that particular corner in front of the lady wall art illustration to be my personal favorite corner.

I always love venue designed like glass house. A clear view to the streets with enough natural lights. What's not to love? The building has smoking floor with bar on the centre, a non smoking floor with dimmer lighting and a lounge downstairs where people could enjoy their drinks.


The four of us skipped their appetizers and go straight to main course, but let me start the food review with a certain dish which for us, suited more as appetizer than main course.

When the Cod Roe Udon (95k) was served, I literally took another look at the menu to make sure that it is indeed placed in main section and not in starter. Yes, the tiny portion was the first thing got me confused but when I taste it, the cold texture and overall taste also suited more as an appetizer. This was definitely not my favorite. 

Momo beef hot pot (135k) came to the rescue. Big and steamy hot of beef slices and vegetables served in miso broth. I somehow felt the broth was too thick, but the tender slices of beef and the warm soup cover the flaw. A perfect choice on that gloomy day. 

The Beef curry spaghetti (78k) tossed with their homemade sauce came with beef slices and topped with poached egg. 

The Truffle prime beef bowl (120k) was my personal favorite of the day. Despite the small portion, the rice was perfectly served. Well cooked of beefs, beautiful flavors and that runny poached egg on the top just simply boost up the overall taste. If I do come back for another visit, I'll order this for sure. 

Ah, saving the best for last. We had their Beng Beng cake (50k) for dessert and it turned to be the sweetest way to end our lunch. The cake was gooey and moist with rich chocolate and peanuts but not overly sweet, well paired with the vanilla ice cream. 


Gold in Grape 110k
Gold in Grape 110k
Spiced Mexican 110k

The Momo
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 92
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7397459
Instagram: @themomogram


Paulus Chandra said...

Hi Ivy,

Nice photo and nice post! The Beng Beng Cake really makes me drooling!

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Ivy said...

@Paulus: Sure, feel free. Thanks! :) will link urs on mine too later when I open my laptop. Kinda hard to do it on iphone.

Just visited ur blog. Nice start! Keep writing! :)